Cite4Me Provides an ASA Format Citation Generator for Book

As you already know, ASA is a style that is widely used for researchers and students whose main profile is Sociology. This style is familiar to APA, which is used for paper in Psychology, however there are some significant differences between them. Our tool has been created for researchers and publishers who need formatting help to submit good-looking articles to scientific journals. However, now it is widely used by college and university students for their research papers, dissertations, theses, coursework, and other assignments.

Cite4Me is a free ASA book citation generator that supports all types of sources, including book referencing. It is true that an academic paper as well as an article cannot be composed without using the most reliable and trustworthy scholarly sources. Everybody knows that a book or an encyclopedia is the first source writers usually begin their work with. Our tool will make your in-text and reference list formatting simple and fast!

Some examples of ASA in text citation for book

ASA in text citation for book should be formatted in a particular way.

  • If you are using the author’s name in a text of your paper, use a parenthetical reference and include the year the books was published and the end of your sentence, like this:
    Baltzell claims that… (1958).
  • If not indicated earlier, include the author’s name in the brackets at the end of the sentence:
    The study confirms… (Baltzell, 1958).
  • You should include the page numbers within the brackets after the year of publication:
    The recent study confirmed… (Baltzell, 1958, pp. 134).
  • If the book has multiple authors, then your in text citation should look like this:
    Their beliefs were confirmed by the recent study… (Baltzell and Smith 1958, pp. 134).
    The research has shown that… (Baltzell, Smith, and Fyfe 1958).
  • If your sentence should be cited by a couple of sources at the same time, you should use semi-colon to distinguish different authors and years of publications:
    Some researchers claim that… (Smith 1993; Johnson 1999; Hoggans and Brown 1998).

Use our ASA format citation generator for book and you won’t get confused!

ASA referencing style for a book – your fully formatted paper

ASA referencing style for a book is convenient because it doesn’t require any distracting footnotes that are usually used for the quotes you provide in the body of your paper. However, you also need to provide a reference list that demonstrates all the sources you have used to create a research. This list is very important because it not only saves you from being blamed in plagiarism but also help your readers easily verify the sources you have used.

With the help of our online citation generator, you will be able to create a comprehensible list of references. Remember, that each in-text citation should be linked to a certain source listed on a last page of your work. Use our textbook citation generator and make sure that none of your citations is missing in a list!

Depending on what kind of work you are presenting, and the requirements of your tutor, who will review and evaluate you paper, you may need to include not only books citation in the text and reference list, but also create a bibliography. For more detailed information, make sure to check ASA style 5th edition manuals.

So, when preparing a paper in Sociology, you cannot avoid using outside sources. Whether you need to quote a chapter in a book composed by one or multiple authors, or any other source – use our tool and do it in a couple of minutes!