So you`re writing an academic paper and wondering what the hell a «style» is? You`re at the right place to get an answer to this question. No, girls, it`s not about Prada or Chanel. And no, boys, it has nothing to do with Lacoste or Tommy Hilfiger. It`s much more complicated. A style in writing refers to the format of a particular paper. There are more than 100 writing styles to choose from. All of them differ in the industry to be used in. For instance, if you`re writing an essay in law and your friend is working on the composition on linguistics, you will most probably have to use various styles.

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A style of writing controls the look of the whole paper. It regulates punctuation, italicization, reference list and the way in-text citations are represented in a particular text. So yes, there are way too many styles to describe them in one article. However, there are three most commonly used and known all around the globe formats. These formats are APA, MLA, and Chicago. And in this article, we`ll take a closer look at these top three citation styles.


So when you`re dealing with academic paper writing, the chance are, you`ve most probably heard of this one. American Psychological Association style is a good fit when you`re working in such fields as Business, Criminology, Education, International Studies, Journalism, Linguistics, Psychology.


Another popular and recognized format is Modern Language Association style, which is used to format documents in Humanities (for instance, Communications, and Literature). The primary focus here is on the author as in in-text citations only a page number, and author`s name are used.


And the last member of this trio is Chicago style.This one can be utilized when you`re trying to cope with essays in Arts Management, Art History, Business, Computing Science, Criminology, History, International Studies, Music, Philosophy, Religion. Furthermore, many scholars often refer to this style as to the Turabian, which is a slightly different version of Chicago format.

An overview of the most popular citation styles

This was a general overview of the most popular citation styles, but there are much more than that. Stay tuned for more updates and be in the loop of the world of academic writing with