All writing procedures must involve one type of formatting or another. Across learning institutions, it is a requirement to organize your paper in a particular way. This makes it easy to read and understand. Likewise, the use of a given writing format serves to train the student on how to organize their papers and become better researchers of data and facts. For this reason, purchasing an APA citation example is critical in training a student write better.

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The American Psychological Association (APA) writing format is the most popular form of writing across the social sciences. This article, therefore, provides a comprehensive guide on the general APA formatting rules by the 6th edition APA manual. It contains formatting rules for in-text citations, direct quotes, websites, books and journals among others. For more information download an example of APA citation from our website.

Our website has a free APA citation generator to assist you to create citations both for the in-text and reference section. What’s more, it can accurately provide the appropriate citation from any source. You can also look at our APA in text citation example for more insight.

The General Rules of APA Citation

Before you begin inserting citations, you must first ensure that your paper has been typed in double spacing on a standard paper. Your margins must also be one inch throughout the paper. Write using Times New Roman of font size 12. You must have a running header across all pages, and it must be flush to the left. The reference page must stand on its own and needs to be centrally aligned. The basic information included in an APA citation comprises of the authors, publication date, title, the location of publication, volume number, and the pages referenced. Likewise, you can use our well-composed APA citation format example.

While making an in-text citation, you need to place your citations within parentheses containing the name of the author(s) & date of publication right after the cited material. In case you mentioned the author’s name within the text, should only place the date within parentheses after the cited material.

When citing material that has two authors, you need to cite both last names. If you are citing work with 3 to five authors, cite all of them in the first reference then cite only one in subsequent reference. If there are six or more authors, only cite the last name of the first author followed by “et al.” Lastly, if your source has an anonymous author, use the initial few words of your reference. Typically, this is normally the source’s title. Take a look at our in text citation APA example in case you have not understood properly.

Note: in-text citations do not vary depending on the type of source unless the author is anonymous. However, reference list citations greatly vary depending on the source.

Not only can we offer an APA format citation example, but we can also assist you in citing direct quotes. When it comes to APA direct quotations, there are also steps to observe. In case the quote has below 40 words, include it within the text and enclose it in quotation marks. After that, place the in-text citation after the quotation marks and a full stop at the end. The page number is preceded by a “P.” for a single page and “pp.” for multiple pages. However, if the source lacks pagination, insert the word para, right before the paragraph number. Visit our website to learn more through our APA direct quote citation examples.

What You Will Learn from Our APA Website Citation Example

The procedure for citing a general website in APA format is to start with the author, then the year, month, date of publication followed by the title of the article and Retrieved from URL. However, APA has not explicitly provided a defined format for citing websites. Instead, various guides exist on how to cite different sources in online formats. You can use APA citation example website tutorials for each source. These sources include:

  • Online magazines
  • Online books
  • Online newspaper
  • Online journals
  • Online Encyclopedias

You can download a high-quality APA website citation example to guide you on learning more about citing the various online sources in APA format.

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