In the present scenario, competition is found in every field of life, the segment of education has not remained backward. Writing essay and paper as per the guidelines provided by the universities have also become challenging for these students, especially because of the formatting and citation styles. In this context, it has been realized that the majority of the students face issues in understanding the properly align an APA format website. However, there is nothing to worry about, as with the increase in the problems, the continuous technological advancement has opened up various means through which they can be resolved. One such means in the use of the internet to search for the required solutions.

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Moreover, the students face certain other difficulties as well; such as in specifically understanding the APA reference format website. For referring a website, the surname of the author needs to be placing initially, followed by the initials of the first name and then that of the middle name (if any). Correspondingly, the date of publication should be kept in a bracket. The next element is the title of the page, which should be in sentence case. The subsequent element in the website referencing is the phrase ‘Retrieved from,’ which is further followed by the particular URL with the hyperlink removed.

In addition, the accurate APA citation format website comprises the surname of the author followed by the year of publication. In case of parenthetical referencing style, it must be ensured that the bracket is used only for the year and not for the surname. At certain instances, you find the year or date of publication is not found in the websites. In such cases, you need to provide ‘n.d.’, which is for reference list as well in the in-text and parenthetical citations.

Besides, in case of the issues related to the APA format website no author, providing the name of the corporate author, i.e., the name of the specific organization or the website deems to be immensely important. The full name of the corporate author should also come in the reference list as well in the in-text and parenthetical citation. Besides, if neither the human author’s neither name nor the corporate author is present, one needs to place the title of the website in capitalized each word as well in a double inverted comma.

Developing Citation for APA Format Website Article

In the case of APA format website article, the issues that the student mostly faces are the pattern of developing its citations. These problems might be of varied kinds such as the absence of the author name, or the unavailability of the dates mentioned among others. There are innumerable solutions available for all these problems, which need to be understood and researched for better coordination. In this regard, apart from the APA citation format website no author, the students seemed to face other difficulties as well. One such uncommon problem was the pattern of developing incitation for APA format website 2 authors. However, the students in the present generation do not need to bother as there are innumerable facilities available on the online platform for gathering assistance. In the main referencing of the two authors in APA, one should at first write the surname of the first author, followed by the initials of his/her first name. Next, the ‘&’ symbol must be placed, followed by the surname and then the initials of the first name of the second author. The other parts of the main referencing list remain the same.

In the case of the in-text citation, the surname of both authors is placed and separated by the ‘&’ symbol, while in the parenthetic citation, these are separated by ‘and’ word. All the other aspects in the in-text and parenthetic citation, i.e., particularly relating to the year of publication are the same. In case the students face further issues in creating main referencing list along with an in-text and parenthetic citation, they can make use of the APA format website citation generator. This is a particular application or software, which functions in a specific way depending upon its type. Some of the software only requires the pasting of the URL in it, which automatically create the APA website citation and main reference list. Besides, the other types require the pasting of the different elements required in the reference list, which further includes the name of all the authors, year of publication, the title of the article, and the URL. The specific software uses all the different elements in reference to arrange and format it in the appropriate style.

Tips on APA in Text Citation Format Website

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