Learning involves the pursuit of knowledge via observation, research, and analysis. Apart from these techniques, writing is an integral part of the learning process. However, students are not supposed to write for the sake of it. In writing, there has to be a specific message or lesson being communicated.

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This process needs to be done following certain writing procedures or formatting styles. One of them is the American Psychological association abbreviated as the APA format.  This style is commonly used in the social sciences arena such as philosophy, law, history, psychology, sociology, geography, political science, and many others.

Writing references in your paper is a crucial undertaking. For one it gives acknowledgment to the author of a given source. This is very paramount since failure to insert a reference page for cited material is tantamount to plagiarism. For another, references and citations enable a reader to use your sources to undertake further research and improve on their knowledge. To know more about referencing, you can download an APA reference page example from our company.

Therefore, it is important for a social scientist to learn the proper APA formatting guidelines and rules. Some instructors consider the formatting of the paper while awarding scores. Therefore, if your paper is poorly formatted, you are likely to score low marks.  However, you can look at our APA reference example to assist you to learn more about this writing style. Our company is dedicated to ensuring that you get the best service possible and we guarantee 100% quality.

Points to Note in APA Reference List Example

First of all, the essay is typed in double space on a standard A4 paper.  Margins must also be one inch on all sides. Use Times New Roman 12-point size. Provide a running head across all your pages. This header is supposed to be the title of your paper. On the cover page, you ought to indicate that it is a running header by typing “Running head” before the title within the header. It should be flushed to the left of the header section. Your page number must be flush right, just opposite your header at the top part of the page. You can look at our example of APA reference page to see how the formatting is done.

Your APA reference page needs to start on a fresh page. Type the word “references” and align it to the center. Underline it and after that, input each of the scholarly references you utilized in your paper. Note that different sources of references need to be cited differently. To learn more about this, use our APA reference list example papers. Nevertheless, the most crucial information included within APA-style referencing follows this order:

  • Author(s)
  • Date of Publishing – in parentheses
  • Title of work
  • Place of publication- write in italics
  • Volume
  • Pages.

Note: Maintain the double spaced margins as you insert your sources. In case one source exceeds one line, create a hanging indent after the first line with a 1-inch margin. You can utilize the example APA reference page material from our website to get more insights regarding the reference page.

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