The world is changing every single moment and the pace of life is constantly altering. The same is happening with writing styles. They are always evolving, new manuals are published to make the lives of so many scholars and students easier and to keep up with the modern state of writing formats.

New features of the latest Chicago cite generator

All the novel functions of Chicago cite generator are gathered in the new manual of this writing format. We don`t remember the days when the first edition was released (it was far back to 1906, in fact), but for those of us who write each day, the newest version is like a blessing.

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First rule of the new edition of Chicago citing generator is to use more formal language. Do not use a hyphen in «email», do write «internet» without a capital letter. Omit putting a colon after «namely» but put it after «as follows».

Fresh news about Chicago bibliography generator

When it comes to citing, it`s always hard to keep up with the novel regulations of a writing format. That`s why you can opt to utilize Chicago bibliography generator and have your bibliography conducted automatically. If you like doing it on your own, you`ll have to know that:

  • There are two styles of formatting your bibliography.
  • The first style is called «author-date». In this case you`ll name the page, where all the sources used to create a paper are included, «References».
  • The second style is known as «footnote-bibliography». Here you`ll have to deal with «Bibliography».
  • All the main elements have to be separated by periods.
  • Italicize titles of journals and books.
  • Place quotation marks for titles of articles, poems, chapters, etc.
  • Include the author (or editor, translator), title, publication info into all entries in bibliography.
  • Use «and» instead of «&» for mentioning several authors.

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Advices from Chicago citation maker: ibid

The thing is that from now you don`t have to use «ibid» in favor of shortened citations. That`s what specialists from Chicago citation maker are telling every scholar.

The footnote may start with the last name of the author, and include a page number. Here`s an example:

  1. Lakoff  R.T., The  Language  War (London: University of California Press, 2000.),
  2. Lakoff, 245.
  3. Lakoff, 27.

More about Chicago citation generator

Chicago citation generator is a handy tool for those of you who are not willing to cope with citations manually. Bear in mind that you can use it for free and save some time to have fun.