I see that you`re working on academic paper writing. Why do I think so? That`s the most popular reason people tend to ask themselves about the difference between references and citations. In fact, there are some striking characteristics, which define each of these two terms. Let`s find out what dissimilarities exist between citations and references.

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Features of reference generator

All in all, a reference is a specific source in the last page of the work. How can you understand this? Simple. Let`s say, you`re working on research paper and in order to prove that your words are credible and that you`ve browsed the internet to find out as much info about the topic you`re writing about, you have read an article or chapter from a book. So this article or extract from the book (or whatever you`ve read) is the source. Your source consists of the name of the author, who wrote it, the title of the work, date of publication of this source and number of the page, where the info you`re referring to is located.

Therefore, a reference generator is doing it automatically by creating a list of references (which can be arranged alphabetically, numerically or in the order of appearance in the content) at the very end of your paper. Every single source you have mentioned in your papers is to be listed as the part of reference list (a.k.a. bibliography) in the manner a particular writing style requires it. That`s why reference generator can make various reference lists for one work (if you didn`t get it). Moreover, the requirements you are to comply with differ according to the placement of the source. For instance, your prof has told you to format your paper in MLA, and you have sources, which you`ve discovered in the online magazines, YouTube and college library. Therefore, the way a reference found in the library and on the web will be different. But leave all the worries behind and let a reference generator website do its job to format references retrieved online and so on.

Peculiarities of citation generator or citation machine

Don’t even dare to think that citations and references are the same. They`re not. All in all, a citation is a specific source in the body of the work. It includes the name of the author, publication date or page number. Have you spotted the difference? All data gathered by reference generator free are much wider and gives more info about the source.

Peculiarities of citation generator or citation machine

Contrastingly, online citation generator places a particular citation and very brief info about the source (it can even be a number, which coincides with the number of a certain reference placed at the end of the whole paper).

The second discrepancy between the work a citation machine and reference making tool do lies in the location factor. By this I mean that reference can be found on the last page of a paper and citation is located in the body of your text.

Let`s sum it up.  Any citation generator is different from a reference generator in two aspects. First, reference is understood as the list of the sources used to create a particular writing work. Secondly, the reference appears at the end of your work and citations is placed in your text itself.