In the nerve-wracking and time-consuming process of conducting an academic paper, one has to perceive and digest tons of information, analyze and summarise the data collected from various resources, and actually tell the story. It takes much time, excellent research skill and loads of creativity. Phew.

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And just when a scholar or writer finishes his papers, he remembers one more thing to deal with. This tiny thing is the style. Yeap, it is still necessary to format your document in a particular writing style, or (as it can also be referred to) a format. Moreover, handling in-text citations and bibliography can be hard too. However, one can`t avoid putting these things into an academic paper because citations prove the credibility of the whole work. Once you include quotes and sayings used by other people, you make your own work more valuable and take it to an entirely new level.

Therefore, this is the moment for citation machines to work and prove their effectiveness. Not only these tools tailor a particular work to meet the requirements of a specific writing style but also include both in-text citations and references that come at the very last page of the whole paper.

What is the best citation machine in the world?

Technologies never remain the same and develop continually. That`s why nowadays there are too many citation makers available online. The tendency to use these technologies is still new for some old-fashioned people. However, for real geeks and up-to-date technologically advanced scholars, there is no better option in formatting an academic paper than to rely on online machines. Such apps will scan a particular text and polish it to meet the standards of a particular writing style, include quotes in the body of the text to comply with regulations of APA, MLA, or any other style. They can be paid and free of charge. They may do more than just citing the sources you`ve used in order to give some credit to other authors. Moreover, these gadgets can appeal to you via various networks, use unique styles to catch your attention and utilize easy-to-remember ads in order to make you their new customer.

Comparison of 5 competitors: what`s the best citation machine and why?

As you see, this field is very competitive and diverse. So how do you choose between loads of such handy tools? Are there any criteria to help one decide on the coolest citation service? What`s the best citation machine? There, there. Keep reading to know.

Points to consider when choosing a citation machine

Before we actually define the winner, it`s necessary to determine the characteristics, which matter in the process of choosing the champ. «First things first» as Stephen R. Covey used to say. We`ll take into account:

  • the number of styles available because one option is good, but two variants of choice is better;
  • the comfort of the service (a.k.a. user-friendliness), as it has to be easily understood by a non-professional writer how to use this or that service;
  • the price, because for the majority of students it`s the most important criteria;
  • other extra features because we are picky customers and need to be surprised and satisfied with the tool;
  • the speed and quality of completing an order, which are essential points to consider especially in the case when a student has a strict deadline and limited amount of time left.

Okay, now we that we understand what we`ll pay close attention to, let`s get going and start evaluating some of the most popular citation generators and define the absolute winner.

This one has a massive advertisement campaign. What for? To tell that they are out there, patiently waiting for the clients to find them. Here they have a vast range of writing styles to choose from. The more, the better. also checks if your papers are error- and plagiarism-free. You don`t have to sign up or enter your email to get started, but once you download your paper, you`ll need to pay in order to keep going. All in all, the website is really helpful, but it takes some time and skill to navigate.

The next in the line is tool differs from the others in its wide range of sources. Not only they have popular and somewhat trivial options to cite from a book, a journal article or a website, but also they offer some unique types of sources. For instance, you can choose to use this cited machine to work with a manuscript, a press release, a microform or a federal bill. That can be really helpful, but the list of functions is already over. It has no additional services to benefit from, so it`s kind of a single-purpose tool.

Now we`ll see what this cite machine can offer and how it may surprise the pickiest customer. The very first thing you spot is the design. The whole website is styled as if it`s Microsoft Office Word interface. Maybe by doing so, the developers of the service wanted to make their target audience closer to their product. If so, it worked. On the other hand, if you`re not an everyday user of the tool, you`ll probably get lost and fail to find what you`re looking for from the first try. For instance. Where do you think you can reach the blog on this site? In the «useful information» or maybe in the «tips» section? A-ha! No. In the «extras»!

Another particular feature of this site is that it has an original service of searching for an essay title based on the range of disciplines and matching it with existing references of their database.

We also need to take into account, which offers a great variety of services. This website aims to help its customers with citing, check for plagiarism, the creation of a title page, and style guides. It can be a handy tool for those students, who register and understand the navigation process and where things (services) are located. All in all, not a bad one.

Last but not the least is This is where you`ll need to stop for some time. Not only they offer free citing and referencing (bibliography making), but also they have a check for plagiarism function. The only task you`ll need to complete is to register. Don`t forget to use the title page generation feature to receive the first paper of your work appropriately formatted.

A unique service they provide is a chat, where you can get a free consultation on using the service and dealing with your writing assignments. That`s new! Plus, a blog section can help you conduct an academic paper with the useful tips, manuals and interesting comparison of the writing styles. It looks like they want to keep you in the loop of rules of the writing world. As for the style and navigation, here everything seems to be pretty clear, stylish and easy-to-reach.

Okey-dokey! That`s the whole list of our competitors and the time to choose the best has finally come! So who`s the winner? We were very meticulous here. Analyzing all the gathered data, we have finally arrived at a decision and selected the one and only citation machine. Now we are ready to put all the cards on the table and reveal the name of the champ.

Comparison of 5 competitors: what`s the best citation machine and why?

Ta-ta-da! From what we see, nowadays is the leader having a unique and vast set of functions any student, writer or another scholar can benefit from. Congrats, to the whole crew that developed this unique website and many thanks for such an original and helpful tool!