When you`re creating a story of your own first, you consult with Google and see what the internet has to say about your topic. That`s how you can understand the matter of your paper in greater detail and that`s how you formulate your own opinion to actually put it into words. And that is the moment many of us make a mistake. Even unintentionally, you can be guilty of using plagiarism, which is prohibited and can take its toll. That`s why you are to know how to avoid plagiarism and protect yourself from any dangers.

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First step on how to avoid plagiarism

The very first thing to do is to understand the problem. What is plagiarism at all? What types of plagiarism are there? Let`s have a closer look at this matter.

First step on how to avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism is viewed as a usage of words or ideas of the person other than the writer himself without quoting these phrases. Basically, it`s stealing information from one source and making it look as if it`s yours. Got it? Citing itself is great as it shows your diverse awareness and interest in the topic discussed. However, students tend to misunderstand what a literary theft is. Bear in mind that when you`re using improper citations or misquotations, paraphrasing in an obscure way, you become your own enemy.

Basic rules on how to avoid plagiarism when writing

Therefore, a complex question is disturbing students. That is «How to avoid plagiarism?» Don`t worry, there is a way out. Now that we`ve faced the problem we can take actions for avoiding plagiarism.

how to avoid plagiarism when writing

It`s vital to plan your paper, take notes and understand the main thoughts of your work. Yes, you`ve browsed the web and found some info connected to the topic of your essay. Now you can see the main idea of your work and create a plain outline. Note down your thoughts and other authors` ideas in each paragraph. This will help you establish the boundaries between your ideas and concepts of your sources.

Another advice on how to avoid plagiarism when writing is to consult with your instructor. Yeap, talk to the person, who`ll be checking your work. This will help you clarify the task and see through potential hindrances. Besides, your mentor will point out any further issue and ways to disclose the topic.

It`s also beneficial to avoid plagiarism with the help of including referencing page at the end of your paper. It`ll depict title of the work you`ve used while writing, author, date of publishing and a source itself. By doing so, you open up about your research on the topic of your paper and will be supplemented by facts and theories around the globe.

Bear in mind that it`s not a crime to cite your own material. That means that if you`re using the material utilized by you before, you are to cite this, too. In this way, you protect yourself
from offenses, misunderstandings and blaming.

Extra ways to avoid plagiarism

Extra ways to avoid plagiarism

If you`re still struggling with plagiarism then you probably haven`t heard about another trick to deal with an issue «plagiarism: how to avoid it». I mean summarizing, of course. Here you shorten information of the source and retell it in your own words, saving the initial idea.

We hope that know you know all about a complex matter of plagiarism, how to avoid and prevent it in your writing.