How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Research-Based Assignments

Research is an unavoidable part of most academic writing assignments mainly because any content you provide within your papers has to be supported by factual and up to date information. During this process, you might consciously decide to add some more information from external sources and present it’s your work, or you may have failed to paraphrase/ re-write a statement correctly; these are the leading causes of plagiarism in most learning institutions.

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Plagiarism is defined as the acquisition and presentation of another person’s, ideas, opinions, thoughts, and published work as your original composition. Regardless of what most learning institutions think of plagiarism, we completely understand that it is not as a result of deliberate academic malpractice but a lack of suitable academic skills to rely on. Therefore, according to our assessment of the problem, plagiarism occurs as a result of a combination of student challenges and a negative state of mind.

By honing some of the skills needed in writing an excellent paper, the chances of presenting copied content are significantly reduced. Thus, you can learn how to avoid plagiarism and be able to confidently offer your assignments for assessment without having to worry about the percentage of copied content or information that is not appropriately cited. However, as you are honing your skills, you are still expected to provide high-quality and plagiarism-free papers.

This leads most students, such as yourself, to ask the question, “how can plagiarism be avoided?” You can learn how to steer clear of cases of plagiarism by using our online plagiarism detection system that is specially designed to provide the most accurate results online. With our online tool, you can have your plagiarism report for any assignment within just a few minutes. This report will help you identify all the plagiarized content and also provide you with links to the original material so that you can adequately cite these pieces of information.

So, the next time you are asked by your teacher, “how can you avoid plagiarism in your research paper?” you will have a valid answer. You can get a plagiarism report for any assignment, regardless of the complexity or academic discipline. The way our plagiarism detection system works is by checking your paper against many other scholarly sources of information from both online and offline depositories, to provide you with an exact percentage of all copied content within your document.

How to Prevent Plagiarism by Identifying Some of Its Causes

The reasons why so many students deliver plagiarized assignments or cheat are wide-ranging and brought about by different factors in a student’s academic life. These reasons can be viewed as either intentional or simply dishonest intentions to get an edge over fellow students. Below are some of the common reasons why students plagiarize their writing assignments:

  • A longing to get better grades

You may be tempted to copy-paste your assignment to get a better score, primarily when the assignment constitutes more than half of your final grade.

  • Fear of failure

Failing an assignment could bring about some dire consequences for students in various learning institutions such as not graduation, repeating certain classes, or having to take remedial courses. To avoid such inconvenience, you may be inclined to deliver plagiarized content.

  • The confidence they will get away with copying

In some learning institutions, the implementation of plagiarism detection systems is still a new concept. Thus some students may see this as an opportunity to get away with copy-pasting their assignments.

  • Poor time management

As the deadline for delivering your paper gets closer, you may be tempted to copy information from various sources to complete the document and submit it in time. So, how do you avoid plagiarism when you do not even have enough time to meet the assignment requirements.

  • Procrastination

Procrastination can be defined as the act of delaying an activity to be performed later on. This is a challenge that most students face when asked to deliver writing assignments and are often forced to plagiarize their assignments to meet the requirements before the deadline has expired.

  • General disinterest in the subject of the paper

When you are not that into a particular topic, writing assignments on said assignments is often a challenge that most students seem to overcome by copying the assignment from different sources to get it over with. This is still considered plagiarism.

  • A lack of understanding about what is considered plagiarism

Finally, not knowing what plagiarism means that you cannot effectively avoid it. Thus, you are likely to be caught with copied content within most of your writing assignments simply because you do not know how to prevent plagiarism.

In most learning institutions, none of the above-stated explanations are acceptable reasons to plagiarize your assignment. Therefore, it is up to you to learn how to avoid incremental plagiarism through the use of the tips we provide as well as our online plagiarism detection tools. So, the question that you should be asking yourself is, “how do you try to avoid plagiarism and still deliver a top-notch paper? The answer lies with us; we are readily available online to help you identify and eliminate any cases of plagiarism within your documents.

Learning How to Avoid Plagiarism in College

On the question of how to avoid plagiarism in college, it is quite simple. All you are required to do with your research-based assignments is to carefully take note of all your external sources of information and where you have used them in your papers. This will help you when citing these sources and creating a reference list/ works cited page, which are requirements of most academic papers.

You will notice that in college, you will be expected to carry out more in-depth research and deliver more complex papers, compares to high school assignments. This is precisely why it is high time you learned how is plagiarism prevented and also how to avoid plagiarism in academic writing. By so doing, you will be able to write and deliver your assignments with confidence, knowing that you have met all the requirements laid out by your teachers.

It is essential to understand that your teachers are interested in evaluating your original work and how you have used various sources of information to support your unique ideas. Therefore, as much as citing the external sources of information is a sure way to avoid plagiarism, they should be used in moderation. Below are some guidelines to answer the question, “how can a student avoid plagiarism?” They include:

  • Carefully document each source of information through citations
  • Accurately paraphrase/ re-write all content that you do not cite
  • Start your assignment early to give you enough time to proofread the paper
  • Use quotation marks when directly referring to information by an individual within your paper
  • Make use of our online plagiarism detection systems
  • Use the correct formatting style to present your sources

How Can Teachers Prevent Plagiarism in Their Respective Learning Institutions

The issue that has been the topic of many discussions in almost all learning institutions worldwide is, “how can teachers prevent plagiarism?” Before the introduction of plagiarism detection systems, teachers had no way of identifying copied content within a student’s papers. Reports showed that cases of plagiarism were on the rise due to the increased availability of online sources of information on the internet.

As such, teachers and learning institutions, also need a way to effectively check student papers for any plagiarized content, a way that will not hinder the pre-existing learning processes. That is why we have developed a system that can be integrated into a school’s normal processes to provide real-time plagiarism detection tools into the submission process for student assignments. This way, teachers can also benefit from the use of our plagiarism checker each time a student uploads their assignments.

Our system seamlessly integrates into most institution websites to provide the teachers with an extra tool to identify copied content within student papers in real-time. The benefits of our plagiarism detection system are invaluable as now students see the need to present only original content for assessment. Take advantage of this opportunity; we have what you need when it comes to plagiarism detection systems. Try us today.