You want it. Yes, you feel this burning need to become the CEO of Apple Inc., to see every place on the Earth, to be enrolled at Harvard, or whatever it is that you want so much. In this article we`ll discuss the ways, methods and tips to become successful at anything you do.

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But before you learn the path to your success, let`s make clear that we speak about the same things. Success is what you achieve each day. It`s what you work for every single moment. Contrastingly, we`ll not discuss the «success» of random lottery wins or happenstance meetings with someone kind and influential to help you get what you want. Ok, I`m glad that we have sorted things out.

Know your needs & priorities

The first rule to become top-class at anything is to understand what that «anything» is. Know what you really want in each sphere of your life. Do you want to get employed and experience working as a part of a team, or you feel the need to find a partner in life, or maybe you just want to write your first novel? What do you want? This is an essential question. Take your time to determine your needs, set goals. Bear in mind that your needs have to be attainable within a deadline you create. Once you`ve done so, analyze the priority of each desire. How important is traveling for you now? Is it more important than getting a degree right now? Think about it.

Create a plan

The next question to ask yourself is «How can I get the things I want now?»  Do not Google. Just have a mug of tea and think this over. What skills, things, and people do you need to achieve your goal? At this stage, it`s important to understand your weakness & strong sides, and ways to improve them. Write everything down. You`ll have three columns: your wishes, things you have to achieve your goals, things you lack. This will help you understand where to put effort into, what to work on, who to ask for advice.

Stick to your schedule

This leads us to the plan that you`ll be sticking each day. You`ll elaborate the ways to make all your dreams come true on your own. It`s the best way to be a high achiever. No one will live your life for you or make your mistakes. It`s you who rule your success.

How to Become Successful at Anything

And in the process of achieving your dreams, you`ll face many obstacles, both internal and external. These tips & tricks will help you handle any situation:

  • Be the hardest worker you know. Do more than somebody expects of you. You should be proud of yourself.
  • Always push yourself to get better. Surround yourself with people who have achieved the things that you want. It`s simple with the Internet, and its blogs and media.
  • If you have a crazy idea, write it down, analyze its possible effects, and bring it to life.
  • Combine work & relax. Have gadgets-free days, family meals, and intimate evenings out.
  • Be flexible and try to see the possibility to grow in each situation of your life. Even if you fail to do something, you can learn from it.
  • Be positive. Everywhere. Anywhere. Your mindset and mood mean a lot more than you can imagine.
  • Read something valuable every day. It`s your routine from now on. You can start from reading success stories of the people you look up to.
  • Get up earlier to complete more tasks. I`m not telling you to sleep 2 hours a day, but procrastinating in bed leads to no success.
  • Listen to criticism. It`s vital to take a look at yourself from the other point of view. You can be better.
  • Remember that it`s you who is setting the boundaries. You create limits, and you can extend or break them. Believe in yourself, have a support system.

Good luck with anything you want!