Understand How to Check Plagiarism Easily Online

What is Plagiarism? Plagiarism is a problem that most students have to cope with every time they deliver an assignment. It is defined as the presentation of another’s thoughts, ideas, opinions, or work as your own. The increase in cases of plagiarism can be a result of many students lacking the necessary information and skills to deliver top-notch writing assignments within the provided time frame. Understandably, the vast majority of students do not know what plagiarism is, and when asked to describe it, they will explain it as the act of copy-pasting information from the internet.

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His is not entirely false, but still leaves a lot of information out, and to be able to learn how to check plagiarism within your assignments, you need to understand what it is completely. Copy-pasting information disguises the gravity of plagiarizing your assignments. In simpler terms, plagiarism can be defined as fraud, i.e., it involves the theft of someone else’s work and presenting it on as your original composition. Plagiarism caters to various forms of information such as text, images, videos, motion graphics, music, and any others that are at risk of being copied.

As a student, you need to learn that various online tools can help you with your predicament; a good example is Turnitin. You need to learn how to check plagiarism in Turnitin if you intend t deliver high-quality and original assignments. Turnitin can help you avoid the legal repercussions of plagiarism. These legal elements that are associated with the presentation of another person’s work, ideas, opinions, or any other intellectual property are mainly dependent on the general setting and intended purpose of the paper content.

For academic papers, the legal ramifications are not as severe as when the content is intended for business purposes. However, to be on the safe side, you may want to learn how to check plagiarism on Turnitin to help you identify which content is plagiarized and choose to remove, paraphrase, re-write the statement within your work or cite and reference them accordingly. Turnitin provides many students and institutions with the opportunity to identify instances of plagiarism within student papers and give them a chance to rectify their mistakes.

The 4 Different Types of Plagiarism

To effectively understand precisely how do professors check for plagiarism, you need to know that there are various types of plagiarism that you, as a student, can fall victim to. They include:

  • Deliberate plagiarism

As the name suggests, this encompasses trying to pass off another author’s work as your own intentionally. Most of the time, this plagiarism will be flagged, and you could face severe punishments.

  • Paraphrasing

This is a deliberate form of plagiarism that involves the rewriting of some of the key phrases and moving the words around to present it as original work. Mostly this is used as a way to eliminate plagiarism within your work but does not change the fact that it is not your original composition.

  • Patchwork plagiarism

This is the collection of information from different scholarly sources and combining their information into your paper. The result is work that has all external sources of information accurately cited but does not represent their original work.

  • Wrong citations

This is perhaps the most common type of plagiarism that most students fall victim to. The use of false quotes has also duped most teachers. This entails the use of incorrect author information to cite plagiarized content.

How Do Teachers Check for Plagiarism in Your Assignments

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection system that can be easily used by learning institutions to reduce the cases of plagiarism by their students. The use of plagiarism detection systems in schools is not a new concept per se, and teachers have had enough time to adjust to the changes. Most learning institutions have reported a reduction in cases of plagiarism. So, you ask, “how do teachers check for plagiarism in my papers?”

Remember the time you were required to send your assignments to your teacher’s email address, whereby he/ she could download each of your papers for assessment and award appropriate points for each document. Well, now you will be required to get a Turnitin account, that will be provided by your teachers, whereby you will be required to submit assignments for each subject you are taking. This is a sure way to ensure that the papers that they assess and award points are a student’s original composition and not just copy-pasted from other sources.

Therefore, instead of asking, “can I learn how to beat Turnitin plagiarism checker?” what you need to know is how you can make your paper plagiarism-free even before submitting it for assessment. Because for most learning institutions around the world, being caught plagiarizing is a serious academic offense, and it is entirely up to the institution to decide whether to be harsh or lenient with the punishments. To avoid such inconveniences, apart from Turnitin, you should also identify how do professors check plagiarism using other tools that are readily available online.

For example, if you are expected to deliver a programming project, there are online tools that teachers and professors can use other than Turnitin to check whether you are submitting a project you did not work on, or it contains some copied code such as Udacity. So, how does Udacity check for plagiarism? The online tool cross-references your project’s code to other students’ projects, as well as online resources to ensure it is not copied, or combined from different sources.

How to Check If I Am Plagiarizing My Research Paper

As a student, you do not have to wait until your teacher tells you that your paper is plagiarized, or after uploading it to institutional plagiarism detection systems whereby you cannot correct your mistake. There are countless other online plagiarism detection systems that you can use to identify and eliminate any form of plagiarism within your paper to acceptable levels. The question within most of your minds is, how to check if I am plagiarizing?” This is an essential skill to learn when writing an academic paper. Identifying the various causes of plagiarism earlier on can help you avoid copying your paper.

You can also learn how to check plagiarism in word using various skills that you can acquire from us. We can help you discover the best ways of identifying and eliminating plagiarism within your papers even before you use a plagiarism checker online. In a word, you should ensure that all the content is correctly cited and referenced at the end of the paper by maintaining a list of all the sources used within your document. Also, you can make use of quotes within the content to identify information that is sourced from different people.

“How to plagiarism checkers work?” you ask. As previously discussed, a plagiarism detection system checks your paper content against online repositories and libraries to identify whether there is any copied information within your paper. If there is any copied content, it is highlighted in the plagiarism report that is presented to you. You will also notice that each highlighted section has links to the source, providing accurate information if you need to cite the source.

This is also how professors check for plagiarism within your assignments after you upload them; the only difference is that you will not get a chance to correct it. Instead, you will be penalized for the transgression. You are likely to be disqualified, asked to repeat the entire assignments, or suspended from the course; all of which could have been avoided if you had used our online plagiarism detection system to identify and eliminate all the plagiarism from your paper before sending it to your teacher.

Easily Check How Much Is Plagiarized with Our Plagiarism Checker

Take advantage of the opportunity to check how much is plagiarized within each of your papers. Even if you know you did not copy-paste any information. There are some instances of unintentional plagiarism that may cost you a lot. It does not take a lot of your time, upload your paper to our website, and you will receive a plagiarism report showing the exact percentage of copied content within your assignment.

After getting your plagiarism report, you can now proceed to cite, paraphrase, or re-write the highlighted sections within your paper to get the desired percentage of plagiarized content. Our plagiarism detection system can exclude reference lists, and works cited pages from the scan as they are names of authors and sources that will likely add to the plagiarism score and give a false plagiarism report.

Do not leave your assignments to chance, use our plagiarism checker to be able to confidently submit your papers knowing you have eliminated all plagiarized content from your papers. Upload your document today.