How to Check Your Own Essay for Plagiarism?

While writing an essay, every student faces the dilemma of how to avoid plagiarizing their work. In general, plagiarism challenges have been on the rise in the country. The rise has been motivated by increasing pressure on students brought about by increased competition in higher education. This pressure has made them have a higher temptation to plagiarize their essays from internet sources.

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But how serious is essay plagiarism? In response to increased cases of student plagiarism, learning institutions have come up with stricter penalties. Learners found to have plagiarized their papers face the possibility of even being expelled from school. This has forced students to learn concepts such as how to check my essay for plagiarism. If not sure how to avoid plagiarism in your assignments, you can seek professional writing services. Using our services will guarantee you plagiarism-free papers, which is imperative if you are aiming to achieve high grades. This essay will focus on plagiarism in essays.

Solution on How to Copy an Essay Without Plagiarizing

At times, students find themselves engaging in accidental plagiarism. This is a form of plagiarism where you unintentionally plagiarize content without your knowledge. Even though it is regarded as accidental, it does not get you off the hook for possible consequences. The only reprieve is that the professor may go easy on you by choosing a less severe punishment for your misconduct. Even though less severe as compared to expulsion from your school, you may end up failing in that unit. Possibly due to point deduction for plagiarized content. In other cases, the professor may decide to fail you in that unit altogether. Therefore, with a view of helping you avoid this trap, this section discusses how to copy an essay without plagiarizing.

Outsource Professional Writing Services

By outsourcing services of professional essay writers such as ours, you are guaranteed of purely unique content. This is because we know how to write papers from scratch. Our writers have mastered the art of researching original content before they begin working on your essay.

Proofread and Edit Your Work

After completing your essay, it is always advisable to proofread and eliminate common mistakes such as plagiarism. Importantly, the first step of editing your work is checking it for plagiarism. Wondering how to know if your essay is plagiarized? Why not place an order with us under editing services. One advantage of this service is that they are cheap compared to placing an order for a paper written from scratch. Moreover, you get to have a team of expert editors reviewing your work. Their years of experience ensure they have mastered the technique of how to spot plagiarism in student essays. This knowledge enables them to avoid the trap of accidental plagiarism. Therefore, you can rely on us for essay editing purposes. Our editors will help you improve the quality of your essay through the elimination of citation errors you may have made while also including quotes where necessary.

Use a Plagiarism Checker

It is regarded as the safest way to avoid plagiarism. It is also the surest way on how to see how much of my essay is plagiarized. The advantage of using a checker is that it helps you know how much of your work is plagiarized. They will go as far as to pinpoint the exact paragraphs that have been plagiarized. This enables you to edit those sections and eliminate the plagiarized content effectively.

Steps on How to Check My Essay for Plagiarism for Free

How do I check if my essay has plagiarism? The basic function of a plagiarism checker is to compare the text of your essay to other resources available in online databases. The results of this comparison are presented to you in the form of a plagiarism report. But how do teachers find out if an essay is plagiarized? Similar to students, lecturers use plagiarism checkers available online to see if you have plagiarized your assignments. In some cases, teachers may use the premium plagiarism checkers provided for by their respective institutions. In most instances, websites with checkers will usually include steps on how to test an essay for plagiarism. However, if not provided, the following steps can be utilized:

  • Begin by going online and research a suitable free plagiarism checker for essays.
  • After getting into their site, attach the essay to be scanned by either copy-pasting it or uploading directly from your computer.
  • Click on the submit or check for plagiarism button.
  • Give the checker a few minutes to check and evaluate your document for plagiarism.
  • The checker will then provide you with a plagiarism report on the originality percentage of your essay.
  • For further editing of your work, you can download the report for use in offline mode.

How to Change a Plagiarized Essay by Professionals

Lacking proper understanding is a reason why plagiarism is a major concern among the academic and research fields. Some students and even researchers are not knowledgeable enough about the concept. This is why, as earlier discussed; they find themselves falling into the trap of accidental plagiarism. However, as luck may have it, your lectures may give you another chance to revise the work.

In other instances, you may decide to research how to check my essay for plagiarism for free and eventually scan your work through the online checkers. The report generated may reveal excessive levels of plagiarism that may require to be removed. This effectively brings about a new dilemma of how to change a plagiarized essay. This may bring frustrations because you have no idea of how to do it. We might have the perfect solution to your dilemma. Why not place an order with us and have professionals repair the damage for you? By choosing to work with us, you get to enjoy our wide range of benefits such as:

Non-plagiarized Essays

All through the article, we have stressed the importance of avoiding plagiarism in your essays. It is only fair we inform you about our stand on the issue. We guarantee our customers of plagiarism-free essays for all orders placed with us. To ensure you can trust the work we provide, you will be guided on how to check your own essay for plagiarism using our free checkers. Alternatively, you can request for a plagiarism report on your essay from our quality department.

Quality Essay Editing Services

We not only guide you on how to check if your essay is plagiarized, but we also take the extra step of helping you edit your work. Using the plagiarism report obtained, our writers will work towards improving the quality of your essay. The process will entail the assigned writer correctly paraphrasing your work to eliminate plagiarism. They will also ensure that information obtained from external sources has been correctly cited and referenced using the formatting style provided in your instructions document. However, in extreme cases, we may be forced to rewrite your whole paper. In such a scenario, our writing department will inform the writer to begin your essay from scratch. You will also be given a copy of the plagiarism report as proof of why redoing the work is the best idea. With this in mind, you can relax because we have a wide range of expert solutions for you.

Professional Writers

We have managed to hire a great team of professional writers. Our recruitment team has put in place measures to ensure that we only hire the best talents. They have also been effectively trained on how to write original essays that are free of plagiarism. This training encompasses how to read and understand materials before paraphrasing them. It also entails how to support their facts using enough evidence obtained from online sources and libraries.

Additionally, our writers have been provided with links to journal databases. Moreover, they have been given enough materials on how to cite and reference sources used in customer essays. Finally, our writers receive occasional training on how to check an essay for plagiarism. This includes proving them with links to our free online plagiarism checker.

Timely Delivery of Your Work

Among the trends we have noted with customer essays’ is that most editing orders are placed on shorter deadlines. Could be you checked your work late and found high levels of plagiarism. Moreover, you may have compared your essay with that of a friend and found yours to be of inferior quality. Either way, you can count on us even when faced with urgent deadlines. Our writers are capable of working under pressure. This gives us the ability to handle essays even with a deadline of three hours.

Want to Know More About How to Check if My Essay is Plagiarized?

For more information on how to check if my essay is plagiarized, contact us through our email. We will even help you check for plagiarism in essays delivered by us. You can also follow the simple steps on our website to place an order with us.