My love for documentaries has seen me watch almost all stories told about world leaders, diseases such as Ebola and HIV/AIDS, fashion, and successful people. After watching the fascinating documentaries, something always drew me close to the life of Pablo Escobar. This controversial figure changed the lives of multitudes in Columbia by either killing or supporting families. The last documentary I watched about Pablo was The Death of Pablo Escobar. For some reason, this was the first time my lecturer ever wanted a documentary review and it was time to cite it. Citing a documentary is an easy exercise especially when one has access to multiple online platforms. Common platforms include Bibme.Org, Purdue, and Citation Generator just to mention but a few. However, I would like to teach you how to generate your citations after going through some of the latest and credible versions of Modern Language Association. Documentaries are different from books and articles because they have the unique URL. You would obviously want your readers to access the movie much later. For this reason, the URL must appear within your Works Cited Page.

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Citing a Documentary

The complicated nature of documentary citing is only witnessed during the first few stages of the exercise. Once one is used to the citation process, it becomes the easiest thing. Ever cited any document in MLA? If you have done so in the past, then you do not have any reasons to panic. Besides ensuring that you learn something new, we are offering you online help with your assignments and citing the documentaries for you so that your instructor can track the movies personally. Citation of a documentary recognizes the directors and producers of the films while providing information about the publisher and the URL. The rationale is to recognize everyone and every input placed to ascertain the success of the story.

Citing a Documentary in MLA

The citation styles are subject to improvement over the years. The latest citation style for MLA is its eighth version, which uses the title of the documentary, then the director’s middle and last name. The producer’s middle and first name follow then the distributor, the years created and then the website title.

Saint Lucia, Unitedpac. “The Death of Pablo Escobar (Full Documentary).” YouTube, YouTube, 15 Mar. 2015,

Above is the example of Pablo Escobar’s documentary citation. In the context, only the name of the person who uploaded it on the internet is shared. Contrarily, things would be different if one opted to cite the documentary after watching it immediately because the format below would be followed:

Title.  First name of the Director. Middle Name. Last Name. Producers First Name. Middle Name. Last Name. Distributor, Year Created. Website Title. Website Publisher, Date Month Year Published. Web. Date Month Year Accessed.Citing a Documentary in MLA

Figure 1

The description box above summarizes the way one should go about the process of citation in MLA when a documentary is involved. In the following image, one can see the picture of the film while noticing the information about the director and the publisher within the same platform. One can even know about the source of the documentary, which is HULU. Others may find the documentary on PUTLOCKERS and this is what you should recognize. MLA citations are as simple as they get because one does not have to include the page number of a film because this is not a book. We will explain this in the subsequent section.

Cite Documentary in MLA

In as much as the Works Cited Page is very important, you will realize that some quotations and paraphrased information must be included in your analysis. The recognition of sources is part of the professional aspect of writing. If you want to be a renowned writer in the future, acknowledge your sources! For example, you will italicize the title of the film at the Works Cited page, but the same information will not appear in the text. Instead, the director’s name will be used as a point of reference. If you found the video on YouTube, use the name of the person who posted the document because the URL will always draw attention to the same individual. However, if the citation does not have a clear director or producer, which is highly unlikely, use the title of the film in quotations. If this exercise is hectic for you, we are here to help. Our work is to make your academic journey simple and worthwhile. As aforementioned, you have inexhaustible avenues through which you can cite your MLA documentary, but the credibility of the source always depends on your research skills.

MLA citation for a documentary comes with the responsibility or ability to discern how to quote something that was said by the character. In Pablo Escobar’s account, if you want to quote the sentiments of a character, simply name the individual and what he or she says. For example, in scene II, Pablo says, “I will not…” Later, cite the source with the name of the director, publisher, or producer in parentheses without including the page number. Films are unlike books and journals in which page numbers are written. Instead, scenes and occurrences are used as defining moments. In as much as I enjoy writing, I must confess that sometimes citations confuse even the experts, particularly when new ways of citations are introduced. In the past, this was a huge challenge for me, but years of practice have always prepared me for the worst in the industry. For this reason, I am confident in the quality of work our company will offer to you as you strive to attain the highest marks for the credibility of your assignment.


Occurrences are parts of scenes in the documentary that one considers important. For example, Pablo’s appearances in the above film are highly critical to the development of the theme and the entire film. For this reason, he is likely to be cited on several occasions. However, some occurrences inform the development of the main character and the creation of story lines that are worth citing. The citation of occurrences follows the MLA format described in the previous section because it is part of the in text citation. Generally, ensure that your paper is well organized and that it complies with the set MLA standards.

Citations from Movie Databases

Sometimes you access movies through popular sites such as HULU, PUTLOCKERS, and IMDB. This is perfectly fine, but do you know how to cite these sources? As shown in the image above, recognition of the database of the site is important because everyone will trace the ability to view the film through the site. The domain name of the host should remain intact because one is citing the database in a site such as Imdb. For this reason, use the domain name of the service provider, the title of the film, the date of retrieval, and the access date as shown below

IMdb. Title of Documentary. Retrieved Month, Day, Year, from Accessed Month, Day, Year

Notably, italicization of content in the Works Cited page does not conform to the modern MLA citation formats. If you find it difficult to develop such a comprehensive paper individually, we are here to help. We promise to give you a plagiarism free paper in a timely manner. we are committed to the attainment of sustainable customer service by making you part of the holistic plan.