The majority of the school and college students contact customer service representatives for enquiring about how to cite a website APA. Besides, they seem to have innumerable questions regarding the manner, in which a website needs to be cited in APA format. Such concerns can be completely resolved by the representatives, by asking them the question, “how to cite a website APA in text.” They will even provide you with clear and detailed information on the latest as well as accurate procedures for doing so. In a website, if a particular human author writes the content, in its in-text citation his/her surname must be provided followed by the year of publishing the content.

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However, at varied instances, the students are found to be concerned about how to cite a website with no author APA. This is found in many websites or electronic online sources, wherein the contents are not written by one particular individual but are completed based on the efforts of the entire team of writers. In such cases, no particular human author is mentioned. Thus, as per the APA citation style, to the name of the corporate author, i.e., the name of the organization or the website needs to be placed followed by the specific year of publication. In case, no particular date has been mentioned; you need to write ‘n.d.’ in place of it.

The students at the majority of the instances face confusions regarding the proper way to complete the in-text citation along with the main referencing list. It has also been found that on varied occasions, the students ask the customer care representatives about how to reference a website APA. In such cases, the full surname of the human author needs to be placed first followed by the initials of his/her first and middle name. In case there is no mentioning of the human author, the entire name of the corporate author can be positioned without any changes followed by a period. Correspondingly, one needs to place the year of publication of the article within a bracket. Next, the title of the article must be written in sentence case followed by the name of the website in capitalized each word form and in italics. The next element in the reference list is the stating of the phrase ‘Retrieved from’ which is then followed by the copying and pasting of the URL of the website and then removing its hyperlink.

Useful Tips on How to Cite a Website in APA format

At varied points of time, it has been found that the question, “how to cite a website in APA format?” arises commonly in the minds of the school and college students. This is because the presence of numerous styles of referencing and formatting may make confusing. These students out of confusion may also ask “how to cite a website APA style.” In response to these questions, it can be informed that the citation could be given either in parenthetic or in-text format. In the parenthetic citation, the surname of the human author or the entire name of the corporate author is placed followed by the year of publication of the website content in a single bracket. The students with the question “how to cite a website article APA?” in mind mostly suffers from the confusion regarding the specific pattern of providing in-text citations in the papers. While doing the in-text citation, one needs to place the surname or corporate author along with the year of publication within the same bracket, which must be separated by a comma. In many of the occasions, the students ask about how to cite government website APA? Well, you will be pleased to know that there is no difference in the in-text or parenthetic citation of the government websites from that of the other online sources.

Understand How to Cite a Website Article in APA

The customer care executives of the online writing service providing companies are frequently asked a question by the students that are “how to cite a website article in APA.” This is because the website referencing and citation styles have been amended several times, which thus confuses the students largely. Besides, the website referencing pattern in APA format is of varied types, out of which only the article style needs to be followed for completing this task appropriately. They also enquire about how to site a website APA. In this case, if there are two authors for the same content in the article, you need to cite both of them.

If you have a query about how to cite website article APA in relation to parenthetic referencing, the surnames of both need to be placed and should be separated by the word ‘and.’ After writing the surname of one author, it must be followed by ‘and’ along with the surname of the other author and then the year of publication needs to be placed within the brackets. In case of the issue of how to do in text citations for websites APA, ‘and’ is replaced by ‘&,’ while the entire citation is placed in a single bracket and the surname of the second or last author is separated from the year by a comma. In case, there are three to five human authors, at the first instance of citation, the surnames of all the authors are used. However, from the next occasion, after writing the surname of the first author, ‘et al.’ is used followed by the year of publication. For more than five authors, ‘et al.’ should be used from the first instance itself. So, do not be anxious if you are still facing the issue on how to site a website in APA, just contact the customer service representatives for further assistance.

Queries about How to Quote a Website APA

Do not get stressed if you are still facing issues in understanding how to quote a website APA. Our professional writers will help you in ensuring that your paper has an appropriate citation of the website in APA format. They will cross-check the entire referencing and citation style as per your requirement so as to minimize the possibility of errors in the paper. There might be confusion in the minds of the students related to uncommon situations, for which they may ask certain questions such as “how to cite a website APA no author,” the Google search engine can then prove to be of immense help.

We will ensure the below points in APA website citation and main referencing:

  • Proper capitalization and sentence case where required;
  • The proper mentioning of the quotes;
  • Italics of the name of the website;
  • Capitalization of proper nouns;
  • Capitalization of all the words in the title of the source, if it is mentioned in the text;
  • Capitalization of the hyphenated compound word.

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