How to Detect Plagiarism with Our Online System

In today’s education system, it is not easy to deliver a plagiarism-free paper, mainly due to the availability of scholarly sources of information on the internet. Admittedly the internet is an invaluable source of information that not only provides information to many students but is also very convenient to use. However, the challenges that the internet has brought to the education sector cannot be overlooked.

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The internet is among the significant factors that have led to an increase in the level of plagiarism because the information is readily available to be copied and pasted into student papers. Also, the internet has facilitated the influx of many online writing services, which are considered sources of plagiarized information by almost all learning institutions worldwide.

As such, both students and teachers need to find new and innovative ways on how to detect plagiarism within student papers. Both these parties stand to gain from the continued use of a reliable and affordable plagiarism detection system such as ours, especially with the widespread use of various technologies within a classroom environment.

Even though the internet is a significant facilitator of plagiarism within student papers, it is also an important aspect of our plagiarism detection systems. Have you ever asked yourself, “how does Grammarly detect plagiarism?” Grammarly is a widely used grammar correction tool that also has a plagiarism detection system that can be integrated into various word processors. However, just like our system, it too heavily relies on current technologies such as the internet to provide reliable and consistent plagiarism detection services to both teachers and students.

The internet provides an avenue for students to upload their papers onto our website where they are checked against other sources of information. Again, the internet plays an important role by providing us access to various online libraries and repositories so that we can offer you an accurate plagiarism report. You do not have to worry yourself with questions such as, “how to detect plagiarism in Microsoft word?”

Learn How to Make Plagiarism Undetectable with Our Online Tools

Regardless of the type of assignment, you are faced with, be it a student project, essay, thesis, report, proposal, dissertation or any other academic paper, you are expected to meet at least the minimum requirements as laid out by your teacher, this means that you are required to deliver high-quality and original work. One of the specifications for an original assignment is a plagiarism-free paper that is supported by various other sources of information, carefully marked by citations, references, and works cited.

Therefore, to know how to make plagiarism undetectable you can use our plagiarism checker that will offer you solutions that are based on specific criteria, that are characterized by;

  • Accurate plagiarism reports
  • Efficient and dependable service delivery
  • Affordable services
  • Free grammar and sentence structure improvement tools

In addition to the challenges that students face in delivering a plagiarism-free paper, the various learning institutions worldwide have been forced to adapt to the changing learning environments to effectively cope with the increase in cases of plagiarism. Thus, to answer your question, “how do universities detect plagiarism?” you must understand the need for learning institutions to implement plagiarism detection systems.

Not too long ago, students were not subjected to plagiarism checks when submitting their assignments, only with the continued exposure to various online resources was the apparent need for plagiarism checks realized. However, their use was not as widespread as it is today, plagiarism detection systems were used as personal tools that teachers occasionally used to check suspicious papers of their originality. However, today, the use of plagiarism detection systems has been integrated into the learning programs in most schools, colleges, and universities globally. Therefore, each time you submit your paper for marking, it is checked for originality, and a plagiarism report is provided.

How Can Plagiarism Be Detected Within Your Research Paper

Writing any research based-paper is a daunting task that takes up most of your time to complete. Now that your paper is ready for submission, you are left with only one step before it is genuinely prepared to be submitted for marking. You need to make sure that the information within your assignment is not plagiarized. So, how can plagiarism be detected? This can be achieved through the use of our online plagiarism detection system.

All that is expected of you is to follow the steps outlined below to get your detailed plagiarism report. These steps include:

  • Login/ sign up to the website

This is a requirement that each client has to adhere to so that the paper you upload is secured. Also, when you register with us, you are entitled to get periodic discounts from us.

  • Choose a payment plan

You will be expected to select a payment plan that you are comfortable with, i.e., you can choose between monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments depending on your needs.

  • Upload your paper

You can upload the following format or your assignments, .txt, .pdf, .doc and .docx. you can also copy and paste the content of your paper into the text box provided online.

  • Press the “check now” button

After pressing the check now button, the paper is checked against various other online libraries, and a plagiarism report is generated depicting the total percentage of the content that is plagiarized.

Also, to answer your question, “how do professors detect plagiarism or how do teachers detect plagiarism in our assignments?” your teachers and professors use the same plagiarism detection systems, but on a large scale, i.e., they are likely to pay for annual subscriptions on our website. Also, your school may have purchased our plagiarism detection system and integrated it into the submission process, you no longer send your assignments to the teacher’s email, preferably to a plagiarism detection system registered to the school.

However, you can be a step ahead of your teachers by using your plagiarism detection system to check your paper and get the opportunity to correct any detected plagiarism within the document. In the long run, you will be able to understand how plagiarism detection software works, and you too can effectively avoid plagiarism within your assignments.

How Can a Professor Detect Plagiarism in Student Assignments

“How can a professor detect plagiarism?” you ask. When time is not enough to allow some of the old plagiarism detection methods such as going over the citations, works cited, references and a student’s writing styles; the institution may subscribe to a service such as ours to help protect their academic integrity. Therefore, to answer your question, “how can professors detect plagiarism? They use integrated school systems to help identify copied content within your assignments.

The same can be said about how can teachers detect plagiarism. Here are a few more ways both professors and teachers can identify cases of plagiarism:

  • Analyzing their students’ style of writing and quality of work
  • Use of electronic screening tools
  • Reviewing the sources of information provided within the paper
  • Implementation of student repositories
  • Using our readily available plagiarism detection system

As you can see, it is in your best interest to get rid of any copied contents within your paper to ensure that you are not punished for plagiarizing other people’s work. Also, you should be very careful not to present previously submitted assignments t your teachers. The implementation of student paper repositories is mainly meant to prevent students from sending their already submitted assignments in an attempt to dupe their professors and teachers. The safest way to ensure your paper is free of any plagiarism is to use an independent system before you upload it to your school’s integrated plagiarism and grammar checker.

How Can You Detect Plagiarism Using Our Plagiarism Detection Tools

Consequently, how can you detect plagiarism with our help? It is quite simple. As previously stated, in just 4 easy to follow steps, you can have your plagiarism report. The report I designed to show you all the plagiarized content, if any, and also provide accurate links to the sources of the information. You can now choose to either;

  • Paraphrase – This includes rewording the phrase or statement while still maintaining the original meaning.
  • Re-write – This means you altogether remove the plagiarized content and replace it with new original information.
  • Cite the content – This is whereby you provide credit to the original author or creator of the piece of information you have included within your paper.

All this is only possible when you use our online plagiarism detection system before submitting it to your teacher. In today’s world, you cannot survive in any learning institution unless you can always deliver 100% unique content or have the help of an affordable and reliable plagiarism checker such as ours. Check your paper for plagiarism now.