The point of writing an essay is to get your points across quickly. It makes no sense to write a piece that tortures the reader as they try to make out what you are communicating in it. An excellent essay is one that allows the reader to understand specific concepts discussed. Moreover, it enables the reader to draw plausible conclusions without much hassle.

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Now, it is a given that each of us writes uniquely. Some prefer using short and long sentences interchangeably. Others like putting simple, compound, and complex sentences at least once in a paragraph. However, no matter how you write your papers, none of them will make sense they present arguments hazily.

So, how can you write essays with much clarity? Check out these useful tips:

  • Write Concise Sentences

Many students tend to use a lot of words and phrases just to express simple claims in their essays. In turn, they often end up confusing the reader or even losing them entirely at some point in the writing. How can one write concisely? One thing that a writer has to do is to remove all unnecessary words from their work. Second, the writer should also eliminate any cases of inessential repetition from their essay. The third way of ensuring conciseness when writing is by simplifying sentences whenever it is possible.clear communication in writing

  • Use the Right Terminology

Another way you can ensure that your writing is clear to the reader is by using correct terminology. You should refrain from using terms that neither you nor your audience understands. Whenever you are unsure about the knowledge of your readers, possess regarding a particular concept, ensure that you explain the issue adequately. Alternatively, you could replace the unfamiliar term with one that they know.

  • Understand Your Audience

The best essay writers tailor their writings to suit their audiences. Case in point, given that essays are academic tasks aimed at educators, it makes sense to write them formally. On the other hand, if you are writing articles for say, a student blog, it is necessary to tone down on the formality to appeal to this demographic more effectively.

  • Allow Someone to Review Your Writing

Often when writing, people are so much focused on winding up rather than on clarity. Thus, they might end up with articles that make absolute sense to them but not very much to others. By asking friends to review your writing objectively, you can learn about various clarity issues is your texts. Moreover, they can offer you useful suggestions on how to improve your writing and make it clearer.

  • Final Thought

Many writers continue to struggle with clarity to this day. However, by implementing the tips highlighted in this article, you can break away from this group and be on your way to penning clear writings. All in all, before you start any writing, it is imperative that you know the “why.” It will help you avoid any side issues that will otherwise obscure the primary purpose of your piece.