Productivity is dependent on one’s energy levels and time management. Even though everyone gets the same hours each day, every person gets different results depending on how they use their time. Sleeping is equally as important as working or doing an assignment as it affects concentration and energy levels. Maintaining the right balance between your sleeping and active hours is imperative in getting the most out of your school and personal life.

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So, how do I write my essay and sleep enough to maintain optimal functioning? Learn how to properly manage your time to produce good quality writing while you get adequate sleep too.

  • Create a Master Schedule

Develop a schedule of everything you want to do in your day including attending classes, time for extracurricular activities, breaks and so forth. You can create a new plan every day or for the week ahead. Include a writing session and the goal to intend to achieve at the end of it. In this schedule, also fix your time to go to bed. More importantly, commit yourself to this schedule. This trick will help you get rid of procrastination and lack of enough sleep.How to Manage Your Time for the Sake of Sleeping and Writing

  • Get Rid of Distractions

Most of the wasted time in your day comes from distractions. In writing, it is essential to eliminate anything that diverts your attention from the task at hand. These could be your phone, family or friends, uncomfortable clothes or noise from external sources. Keep away from these distractions for the entire writing session. With a full concentration in writing your paper, you can complete it fast, and you won’t need to stay up late not to miss the deadline.

  • Sleep Early and Also Wake Up Early

For a well-rested body and fresh mind, it is critical that you get a good night’s sleep. Go to sleep early enough so that you can also rise early. Make sure you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. In any case, staying up all night studying or writing your essay is much less productive than doing the same tasks during the day.

  • Set Realistic Goals and Use a Checklist to Follow Up on Them

Don’t be over ambitious especially when you are starting your time management plan. When you overestimate what you can comfortably do in a day, you are likely to lose motivation if you do not achieve your objective. Make goals that you can accomplish even if minor unprecedented interruptions occur. Moreover, you can have a checklist of the tasks you intend to undertake to help you stay on track.

  • Be Organized and Focused to Accomplish the Task at Hand

Be devoted to the writing task and immerse yourself entirely to it and you will achieve a “mental flow.” When you attain this state, you will feel motivated and energized, and also enjoy the writing process. To get to this point, motivate yourself to start writing and then keep at it for a couple of minutes.

We hope that these tips help you manage your time effectively to achieve a healthy balance between writing your assignments and sleeping.