Plagiarism is evil for every academic paper and a person, who committed this crime. That is why there is no other decision for academic writers other than do their best to prevent plagiarism.

Ways to be the plagiarism checker

Surely, there are methods to avoid using online plagiarism checker and do all the work on your own. It can be really beneficial for any writer and scholar to try crafting the story from scratch and analyzing it. First, your task is to plan your paper. Secondly, consult with your professor and try getting a piece of advice from him/her. Clear out the format your paper is to be written in, understand the main authors who contributed to the topic you`re going to reveal, come up with your own thoughts on the subject. Of course, this involves some research, time and nerves.

Check for plagiarism and paraphrase

When conducting a paper make sure that the info obtained from any source other than yourself is included in quotation marks or paraphrased. Do this gently. You know what Mr. One said, so just put his sayings into your own words. Do not write more than two exact words he said without quotation marks. This works for your other academic papers, too.

Even if you avoid using plagiarism checker, your task it to proofread the whole paper once it`s finished. Edit all the sentences, where it is not clear who said something.

Use online plagiarism checker to cite and quote

Use online plagiarism checker

However, the majority of writers lean towards utilizing online plagiarism checker to benefit from technologies, save some time and be sure that the entire database has been scanned and compared towards their works.

Moreover, the plagiarized checker can also format your paper in the necessary writing style, so you won`t have to worry about reviewing and fixing your story to comply with the rules of MLA, APA, IEEE or any other style.

Not only plagiarized checker but also a reference list

It`s vital not only to check for plagiarism but also create a decent reference list or bibliography, where you`ll list all the sources you`ve used in the process of crafting your story. If you don`t do so, you`ll be accused of copy pasting. The best plagiarism checker, which is cite4me, can do this so do not hesitate to make use of this tool to guarantee that your work is unique (meaning plagiarism-free).