There is no need to explain that a title page is the first thing a professor sees in your work. Consequently, it`s his/her first impression about you as a student, your knowledge and your work itself. That is why it`s essential to conduct a title page that will be interesting, easy-to-read and perfectly formatted according to the regulations of a specific writing format. In this article, we`ll learn how to design this piece of your paper in the two most popular styles.

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The best tips to create a cool title page in any style

Ok, so you know the topic of your paper, and the type of writing format you need to apply to your content. Check. The critical point to attracting the eye of the reader with the help of a title page is a catchy title and flawless format of the entire page.

Let`s browse top three tips to create a cool title for your work advised by online title page maker:

1) Write this part of your work once you`ve completed all other essay-related tasks.

2) Depict the main topic and problem in the title.

3) Make it simple, precise and appealing.

As for the format of your title page, you need to know exactly what style is best for your topic. However, this may be requested by a particular college, school or teacher. In case you are not supposed to include specific information (ask your professor, or check it out on the school website), you`ll have to include general information on your title page. Include your name, and school info, date of submitting an essay, a title of the project and class, the period of your section and the teacher`s name.

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Now that we are aware of general rules delivered by title page maker let`s move on to the secrets of creating a great title page in a particular writing style. The first one in the row is American Psychological Association format.

For those of you who like delegating tasks and prefer to rely on technologies, you can make use of title page generator to have this task dealt with.

On the other hand, you can make an effort and do it on your own. To achieve this aim, you`ll need to:

  • double-space all the content
  • use Times New Roman, 12-point
  • utilize one-inch margins at the bottom, top, right and left of every page
  • avoid using hyphenation, dividing words at the end of a line, justifying the right margin
  • capitalize major words in the title
  • left align at the top a running head of maximum 50 characters
  • type your name following this structure: First name, middle initial, last name.
  • write the name of an institution you`re creating work for
  • include page number at the upper right-hand corner

MLA online title page maker

Another popular style is the format of Modern Language Association. With the help of MLA free title page maker, you`ll be able to get a perfectly crafted first page of your work within minutes. However, you need to know basic rules to live without title page maker free. They are as follows:

  • capitalize the first word and all the other words (except for the short ones) in the title of the work
  • include your name and surname two lines below the title
  • write the class or course info 2-lines below your name
  • put the instructor`s name on the next line
  • include the date on the following line
  • double-space and center all the content of this page
  • the name of your uni/ school is the very first thing on the page

We hope that this information came in handy. Otherwise, you can always use title page maker free online to make sure everything in your work is just perfect.