Yeap, there are way too many citation styles, and apart from widespread and over-utilized APA and MLA we also have IEEE citation, which proved to be an excellent alternative to the two formats mentioned above.

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What is IEEE citation?

Well, first things first. IEEE citation stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics engineers writing style. It is a widely used format to conduct research papers in various technical fields as computer sciences and alike. It`s interesting to know that this style is based on the regulations of the Chicago writing manual, but there is a difference.

IEEE citation machine for in-text citations

Speaking about IEEE citation generator, one should understand how the citations inside the text are built up.

It`s not obligatory to mention the name of the author, page used or date of publishing for the citations inside the body of the whole paper. Contrastingly to other popular styles, in the case of IEEE citation machine, you`ll have to pay attention to the reference list of your paper. How is it connected? At the end of your paper you put a reference list, where sources you`ve used are listed numerically. So when you have to put in-text citations, you place a number of the source (the number corresponds to the placement of a specific full citation in a reference list) in square brackets and that`s it.

IEEE citation machine

Particular characteristics of IEEE citation maker

  • In case you are citing multiple sources at the same time, you are to list every number separately (in its own brackets putting a dash or a comma between each number). Of course, when you`re making use of IEEE citation generator, it is done automatically.
  • IEEE citation maker will put citations, which are in brackets, within the line of the text. It`ll be done before any other punctuation marks and a space between before the first bracket will be left.
  • All the sources will be numbered as you cite them in your work.
  • When you have referred to a single source and put its number, citation maker will keep on using this particular number for that particular source in the whole paper.

Surely, it`s not the whole list of requirements of this format, as there some dubious cases when you`re working with sources from different websites. However, this issue can be easily solved with the help of IEEE website citation maker of cite4me.