How many times have you heard about APA cite generator and didn`t know how to deal with it? Leave such moment in the past. Once you read this article, you will be an expert in everything connected with this famous writing style. Yeap, keep reading to learn all the info about American Psychological Association style.

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Book: APA cite generator

Citing a book is one of the most common ways to cite at all. That is why you`ll need to learn the mechanisms of APA citing generator and, consequently, create citations and references on your own. And to cut a long story short I`ll just provide you with the general structure of a reference from a print book in the above-mentioned writing style: Last, F. M. (Year published) Book. City, State: Publisher.

On the other hand, any modern person is more likely to make use of the internet than to visit the library, so you`ll need to be aware of how to include a reference in your paper from an online book. Therefore, the format of such reference conducted by citing machine APA will follow such format: Last, F. M. (Year published) Book. Retrieved from URL.

In addition, the last case connected with the reference problem from a book is when a particular book is located in the database. In this case, the structure of a reference will coincide with that of an online book.

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Website: APA citing generator

In this section, I`ll reveal the secrets of formatting references obtained from both a website and a blog. Therefore, if you`re using citing machine APA to cite from a website, your task it to comply with this structure: Last, F. M. (Year, Month date published). Article title. Retrieved from URL. And in the latter case with a blog you are to follow such structure: Last, F. M. (Year Month date published). Article title [Type of blog post]. Retrieved from URL.

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In-text citations basics: citing machine APA

Keep in mind the two above-mentioned paragraphs explain how to include references obtained from book and websites. Therefore, these references will be located at the very last page of your paper to prove the words in your work.

And if you want to include citations in the body of your text, you`ll need either to utilize APA cite generator, which will do the whole job for you, or to become your personal APA citing generator and be ready to use the structure of such example: Williams (2005) found that «It was a complex task for students to cite in this style» (p. 58)