The 8th edition of MLA handbook was brought to the world in April 2016. This happened due to significant changes in the world of writing, that is why Modern Language Association introduced a novel version of the regulations of this style. What has changed? In what way is this edition different from the previous one? Are the significant alterations? There, there, we are going to cover all these points.

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Fresh blood in MLA 8th edition citation maker

One of the most remarkable features of MLA 8th edition citation maker is that if you`re using this edition of Modern Language Association style, you are allowed to include pseudonyms as the actual name of the author. What does it give you? Time! Now you don`t have to google the name of this or that artist. It`s no longer your worry to define the real name of a person; you can only include a nickname or screen name a particular person is associated with. Yuppie!

Another odd thing is connected with the city of publication. In previous editions of MLA one had to include a city, where a particular work was published. Nowadays, it can be omitted in the most of the cases. However, there are some exceptions. Firstly, you are to mention the city of publication if the work you`re citing was brought to the world before 1900. And the second case of including the city of publication:  mention it if the version of the source differs when published in another country. For instance, you need to deal with citations and references of a book, which was published in the UK versus versions printed in the USA.

One more striking renovation lies in the fact that you are advised by MLA 8 book citation generator to put URLs in citations. Therefore, if it becomes outdated, it will be possible to trace info online from an older URL. Mind that you are to avoid using «http://» and «https://» from any URL when you`re including it in the citation.

Next alteration deal with abbreviations. In the 7th edition of MLA one didn`t have to put any mark that the numbers in periodical citations referred to the issue and volume numbers. So we can visualize it to understand the change in greater details.

  • An example of journal article citation in MLA 7th edition:

Smith, John. “Studies in pop rocks and Coke.” Weird Science 12.2 (2009): 78-93. Print.

  • An example of journal article citation in MLA 8th edition:

Smith, John. “Studies in pop rocks and Coke.” Weird Science, vol. 12, no. 2, 2009, pp. 78-93.

And the last but not the least change is from the very moment of publication of the 8th edition of MLA; you are free to use one type of format for various sources. Whether it`s a post on Twitter, an article from a book or a part of the radio program. The format is universal.

MLA 8 citation generator for websites

New points of MLA 8 citation generator for websites as told by citation machine MLA 8 website

Now that we are all aware of general features of MLA in 8th edition, we can pass to a more detailed level, that is, citation machine MLA 8 website and new features of it.

  • You don`t have to include a publisher for a website (or periodical) in the case when the name of the site coincides with the name of the publisher. MLA 8 website citation generator thinks that it is obvious and not important.
  • Another novel point, which will be covered by MLA 8 citation generator for websites deals with containers. What`s a container? Let`s say you’re watching a TV episode and want to cite something from it. And you`re watching this episode on Netflix. In this case, Netflix is the container. So you are now forced to include the title of the source and its container in the citation.

Once you`ve read this article, you became an expert of MLA 8th edition, and nothing can stop you from turning your paper into a masterpiece, which complies with all regulations of the latest edition of this A-list writing style.