The modern language association or the (MLA) represents an organization dedicated to the development of the MLA writing style. It got developed by a group of researchers who felt they needed to standardize papers in the fields of language and literature. MLA format is arguably the easiest to use and also allows for effective reading. Currently, many other fields have adopted this writing format. If you need to know how an MLA paper looks like, you can download a good MLA citation example from our website to learn more about this format.

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The most current MLA edition is the 8th edition released in April 2016. Within the handbook, you shall find instructions on MLA citation in addition to all the guidelines to follow while submitting your paper. This article, therefore, places its focus on paper formatting, in-text citations as well as citing a website. To get a deeper insight, you can use our MLA citation examples.

Formatting a Paper in MLA Style Properly

Before making any citations, you should ensure that your paper is written by the specific formatting rules. First, you should create the MLA header. There are two methods for creating your header. In the first method, you can place your heading at the top of the first page. Whereas in the second method you can place it just at the front of the assignment. Your header should include the following:

  • Student’s Name
  • Instructor’s name
  • Course
  • Date

Insert your title below the due date. Write it in bold and do not underline, italicize or use quotes. Include a running head at the top right corner of each page. This head consists of the writer’s surname then space, followed by the page number. Use double spaced Times New Roman 12-point font size. After writing, insert a “Works Cited” page. After that, input all your references by the MLA referencing format. Get in touch with us if you need citation examples MLA.

Points to Note While Using an in Text Citation MLA Example

If you look at an example of MLA citation, you will notice that in MLA, you must give reference to any externally sourced material within the text. This is called a parenthetical citation. Your in-text citation must correspond to the source information within your works cited page. We have numerous in text citation MLA example papers that illustrate this process.

You are required to observe the author-page method while making an in text citation. This means you need to include the author’s last name followed by the page where the information was derived. The author’s name can appear in the parentheses or succeeding the quotation. To gain a better understanding, you need to download an MLA format citation example to view how an actual citation is formatted.

Whenever a source has no known author, you can utilize a short version of the title. Place it in quotes. In case there are two authors, with similar last-names, provide the first initials of both names within the citation. Furthermore, if they have two names that are similar, give the full names. When citing work by multiple authors, state the last names of each author separated by a comma. You can get an MLA citation format example to help you practice more on this.

Multiple works by the same author need to include a shortened title of the separate works. Lastly, to make multiple citations within the same parenthetical citation, split each citation with a semi-colon. All in all, the fastest way to learn all the information mentioned above is to use an MLA style citation example from our company.

Points to Note Using an MLA in Text Citation Website Example

To properly cite a website, you will need the following information: the name of the author, article title, website title, publisher name, date of publication and the urn. Bear in mind that you should only include the publisher’s name in case it is different from the website’s name.

However, in the in the in-text citations, you only need to include the author name and the date of publication. In case the author is anonymous, only give the website name or webpage. Shorten the name if it is too long. Have a look at an MLA in text citation website example for more insight.

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