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Use plagiarism checker

How to prevent plagiarism

February 09th 2018
Plagiarism is evil for every academic paper and a person, who committed this crime. That is why there is no other decision for academic writers other than do their best to prevent plagiarism. Ways to be the plagiarism checker Surely, there are methods to avoid using online plagiarism checker and do all the work on your own. It can be really beneficial for any writer and scholar to try crafting the story from scratch and analyzing it. First, your task is to plan your paper. Secondly, consult with your professor and try getting a piece of advice from him/her. Clear out the format your paper is to be written in, understand the main authors who contributed to the topic you`re going to reveal, come up with your own thoughts on the subject. Of course, this involves some research, time and nerves. Check for plagiarism and paraphrase When conducting a paper make sure that the info obtained from any source other than yourself is included in quotation marks or paraphrased. Do this gently. You know what Mr. One said, so just put his sayings into your own words. Do not write more than two exact words he said without quotation marks. This works for your other academic papers, too. Even if you avoid using plagiarism checker, your task it to proofread the whole paper once it`s finished. Edit all the sentences, where it is not clear who said something. Use online plagiarism checker to cite and quote However, the majority of writers lean towards utilizing online plagiarism checker to...
Chicago 16 citation generator

How to cite an e-book in Chicago 16th edition

February 05th 2018
Gadgets, up-to-date technologies, and apps, latest services are everywhere. Even in writing! Keep reading to learn how they are conquering the world of citations and writing formats. What is thought to be an e-book as told by Chicago 16 citation generator? First, let`s clear out what do most of the people consider to be an e-book. All in all, this term refers to an electronic version of a printed book. An e-book is also viewed as the application, which enables downloading and reading electronic books form the web. It`s worth mentioning that nearly 80 percent of all digital books are available in PDF formats, however, advanced users of technology choose e-books. Why? Well, electronic books are easy-to-use. You can select the font you like, change the size of the font to make the words more readable. Moreover, when you`re using e-books, you can bookmark pages that seem important to you, or even find out the meaning of a certain word (as the majority of such books have inbuilt dictionary feature). The structure of an e-book citation conducted by Chicago citation maker 16th edition Recently Chicago citation maker 16th edition is becoming more and more widespread. As the newest edition of this writing style was released in September 2017, lots of novel regulations were added to the manual. All these fresh rules aim to make Chicago more comfortable for scholars. If we`re speaking about citing an electronic book with the help of free Chicago 16th citation maker, our task is to...
Chicago formatting generator

Are Chicago and Turabian styles the same

January 31st 2018
Lots of scholars are facing enough difficulties while creating state-of-the-art essays and academic papers. However, formatting works can become an even more confusing task to do. Understand Chicago formatting generator We`ll start from scratch and define Chicago formatting generator. Therefore, Chicago is the writing style that is used for citation and formatting documents. All the guidelines of this style are gathered in the latest edition, which is 17th, of its Manual. And the generator itself is the tool, which automatically designs papers in Chicago style. More about Chicago format citation maker Chicago citation maker implies choosing between two types of citing sources. The first kind is used for humanities and is called Notes & Bibliography system. Sources are cited in footnotes or endnotes numerically. Every note corresponds to the superscript number in the content of your text. The second type is known as an Author-Date system and is utilized for social sciences and sciences. Sources are included in parentheses in the body of your text, where date of publication and author`s last name are listed. Every in-text citation coincides with the entry in a reference list. Chicago citation generator versus Turabian style Now we can proceed to the bias between Chicago and Turabian. These two styles are connected on the basic level, as Turabian is the shorter and easier version of the Chicago Manual of Style. Thuswise, Chicago format citation maker is the tool for...