Easybib importance in the academic sphere for creating Citation, Bibliography & References

October 03rd 2017
Easybib provides services to wide range of clients pertaining to create citations automatically. You can easily create citation of your sources by entering the URL or the topic name. Thereafter, you can get the sources that are cited in correct manner within the prescribed format, MLA, APA or Turabian. We also provide services, so that it is easy for you to understand the ways to correctly reference online sources, journals, and articles. You can learn regarding in-text as well as the primary form of referencing from our websites. We offer you time for gaining trust by providing 2 days free service. Thereafter, you can get yourself registered with us using your e-mail at a monthly subscription of just $9.99. The special advantage of our citation service is that you can easily have referencing of your sources in AMA, ACS, ASA and CSE format. Other than the computer, our services can also be used on tablet and mobile phone. You can dedicate a considerable amount of time to improving the quality of your paper rather than focusing on the creation of bibliography or references. The citations that have been generated can also be stored in the cloud. On the contrary, one of the drawbacks of our service is that it is essential to have 24 x 7 internet connection for obtaining the citations. However, you can use portable Wi-Fi services for accessing the readily available citations at every instance of time. Easybibs – an integral part of many professionals, students, and...
Discover Bibme Citation Generator

Discover Bibme Citation Generator & Reference Tool to Speed up Your Writing Process

October 03rd 2017
How Was It Citing Manually before Bibme Citation Generator Appeared? Without adequately crediting sources, it is impossible to obtain the highest grade. Research and writing skills are just half the battle. Professors also wish to see how honest their students are. Also, the way students credit sources reflect their organization and knowledge of the academic writing standards. It is part of the grading rubric which is defined as formatting. Before modern technologies allowed a friendly team of writers and educators to come up with the Bibme website, students had to cite every used source manually. Moreover, they were forced to build up pages with bibliographies on their own. It was a real problem as most of them had no desire to read thick manuals and guidelines. It took plenty of time. How Was the Idea of Bibme Citation Machine Born? Once a professor of one prestigious college received the first major papers from his students. That was an argumentative essay written by the students enrolled into the ENG 101 course. It seems like there is nothing uncommon about this daily situation. However, he was quite disappointed to discover that the quality of content did not correspond to the way almost all papers were cited. While some students inserted quotations in a wrong manner, others simply forgot about such thing as referencing. Almost half of the students skipped bibliography page. Without having any desire to put Fs, the professor decided to dedicate half of the next lesson...