Yeap, it`s becoming more and more popular to make use of online technologies to advance writing, particularly, to conduct reference page and in-text citations properly. Among all the great variety of online referencing and citation assistants, why should you choose cite for me? Wait for it!

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Brief story of cite for me

Firstly, cite for me was created by the skillful team of writers and editors, who collaborated with IT specialists in order to conduct online citation generator. They studied databases, corpuses, guidelines of every single writing style to come up with the idea of how to make the process of citation generation automatized. However, that was not the issue, as the experts of information technology introduced their innovative idea of creating citations with the help of artificial intelligence technologies.

Although, back then they didn`t know that this project would become. That`s when appeared the idea of reference generator. Simply creating citations in a fast and neat manner was no longer the matter of their work. They`ve understood that reference has to be a part of the project, too. Consequently, nowadays you can make use of the service «reference this for me» and get a list of references to complete your writing assignment.

And the latest development of what meant to be only an online citation generator is the function of title page making. Nowadays it takes a few clicks to get your title page formatted properly in the chosen writing style.

Outline of its services – online citation generator and reference this for me and more

All in all, currently there are three services, which cite4me offers to its users:

  • Citation generator
  • Reference (bibliography) maker
  • Title page generator

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However, that is not the end of the story, as soon novel services will be introduced to the public.

The most beneficial thing about these services is the fact that all of them are absolutely free, whereas the majority of other sources alike can be quite costly.

Traits of the reference generator

The reference generator you`ll want to make use the moment you see it is the one I`m talking about. It`s easy-to-use and fast service, which enables one to conduct the whole list of references based on the info provided by the user. Moreover, it is powered by latest technologies and approved by top writers and proofreaders. What can be better? Wait for it, new releases will make your head go round