When you`re writing a paper, especially an academic one, it`s a matter of vital importance to understand all the terms. You`ve probably come across such words: a citation, a quote, reference generator and more. Today we`ll sort all things out and draw a clear line between these terms.

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What is a quotation as told by reference generator experts

A quote or a quotation is the direct language used by some source. When you include a quote in your text, you do not change the wording or paraphrase it. You just write it the way your source has put it. Surely, you are to include the quote in quotation marks in a manner that fits the regulations of a particular writing format.

The exact definition of a citation by a citation generator website

I hope that now you see what a citation is. Now, let`s take a look at the pic to understand what a citation means.

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Got it? In this case, you can and cannot use the exact words said or written by a particular resource. You can paraphrase, change the wording, and even avoid using quotation marks. You may use the exact language of a resource and then «cite the source» of that utterance. The thing is that you have to state the information about the primary source. This enables people reading your work to find the source again and check the info, to acknowledge your sources for ethical reasons, and prove your statements.

How to use reference generator free?

Nowadays, there are many websites, apps, and other tools, which serve as the reference generator free. They are always simple to use and only need your email address to get going. Generally, it takes about a few clicks to utilize reference generator website and receive the list of all the sources you`ve used in your paper in the format you`ve chosen.

When should one utilize citation generator?

If you`re not a patient type of person, the greatest solution for you is to visit citation generator website and get your citations conducted in a neat manner. Why it`s so hard to do it on your own? Well, a citation includes a lot of info: the title of the cited work, its author and/or editor, the date of its publication, data about the publisher and city, plus the journal name or the host of the web page. If you chose the easy way, our citation generator will do this for you.

That’s why I recommend using a citation generator free to save your time and, let`s be honest, nerves.