Maintaining laser-focused thinking all through the composition writing process is paramount if you are to write an excellent piece. Nonetheless, we are all human and our minds at times wander off to distant thoughts during the writing phase. It is not uncommon to find students thinking about the naughty things they hid in their bedrooms when they need to be focusing on their compositions.

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A distracted thought process can see you end up with a low-quality paper when you had all the correct ideas when starting on the essay. So, what can you do to maintain clear thinking all through the essay writing process? Below are some useful tips to help you achieve focus throughout your writing:

  • Accept That There Will Be Distractions

Before anything else, it is essential to appreciate the fact that your mind is bound to wander. Often, you might not even want to get started on the essay. The trick for overcoming these situations is to recognize that distraction is a “monster.” Then, work while knowing that you need to beat this “monster” by maintaining clear thought throughout the writing phase.

  • Keep Working Until You Achieve the State of “Flow”

Believe it or not, concentration comes from keeping at an activity for extended periods. If you are finding it difficult to maintain clear thought at the start of your essay, do not dare to give in to any distraction. Rather, keep working on your essay until you attain the state of “flow.” In this state, you will be completely immersed in your writing, and all other distractions will simply be blocked out by your brain. The state of “flow” sets in slowly but surely, and you might not even realize it until you have made significant gains on your essay. Fantastic, right?Step-By-Step Guide to Clearer Thinking Through Essay Writing

  • Do Not Focus on Distractions

If a far-fetched thought happens to pop up in your mind as you write your piece, just ignore it. Never take time to ponder on that idea as you might end up getting lost in thought or even limiting your creative process. Our brain cells get tired too. Thus it is vital to avoid working them up with trivial ideas that add no value to your writing efforts.

  • Get a Concentration Timer

Use a concentration timer to remind you to get back to your paper whenever your mind veers off. You can access these timers online at no cost.

  • Stay Where You Are

As long as your location is conducive for the writing of your essay, do not give in to the urges of getting up or moving around. Stick a reminder on the side of your work table that reminds you not to walk around each time.

  • Switch off All Devices

Ensure that the TV, radio, phone, and any other gadget that might get you distracted is switched off.

Bottom Line

These are some of the things you can do right away to maintain clear thinking throughout your writing. That said if you have some other useful tips to add, feel free to leave a comment.