To define certain words and complex phrases in your paper or research project you can use a dictionary or encyclopedia. However, the knowledge you have used is not yours and you have to give credit to the appropriate originator of the information you have sourced from the dictionary or encyclopedia by knowing when and how to cite Often the originators or compilers of such information are referred to as the authors or editors.

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The APA style of writing has two distinct formats, we shall discuss later on of how you can correctly reference your dictionary and encyclopedia sources with ease. However online guides on how to use some of these formatting standards are not always clear and to the point. That is why you need our help in your attempt to learn how to cite an online dictionary in APA.

Learn How to Cite A Dictionary in APA in Text

If any part of your paper has information that is retrieved from a dictionary or encyclopedia, whether online or printed versions you are expected to cite and reference it following the rules of formatting in the APA writing style guide which is available on our website to help you learn how to cite a dictionary in APA in text with great ease.

When you visit our website you are welcomed with user-friendly user dashboard with all the necessary tools readily available for you to use in formatting your paper to APA standards or guide you on your path to learning how to cite an online dictionary in APA. We have ready-made paper samples, already formatted to provide useful examples of how to format your papers in any writing style, the most common ones being Harvard, Chicago, APA and MLA each of which has their own distinct rules and guidelines.

In addition to the paper samples, we provide in text citation APA dictionary formatting templates that you can copy and paste into your paper for editing. With our templates formatting is made to be a lot easier as you do not have to always remember which entry goes where and how it should be formatted. However, in the event that you are unable to effectively make use of the templates for the in text citation dictionary we provide, you can always resort to the use of our online citation machine.

Learn How to Cite A Dictionary in APA in Text

Adding In Text Citation Dictionary Entries

If you need to cite your papers according to APA manual of style for dictionary sources, you are supposed to follow the standard in-text citation formula; for example, your in text citation dictionary would look something like this; (the title of the dictionary, year of publication). Then you are expected to add a reference entry in your references list with comprehensive details of the source materials, which in this case is a dictionary as you may have already learned from how to cite online dictionary APA guides and paper samples on our website.

However, you should note how to cite a definition in APA and that the in-text citations have no author/ editor information. The bibliography information is important for later follow up of the source material to check for its authenticity and how it ties into your work. Here are some useful tips to remember when you need in text citation online dictionary APA or are asked to create citations and references for an encyclopedia or dictionary source;

  • The names of the editors or authors
  • The title of the dictionary
  • The location where it was published
  • Publication information for dictionaries in both print and online
  • The page number for a quoted dictionary or encyclopedic information

After you know all the basic information about what is needed to create a correct APA format bibliography and also cite online dictionary APA, you can now understand the various aspects of such a bibliography. If the information is sourced from an encyclopedia or dictionary you are required to provide the name of the author or at least the names of the editor(s). If for some reason information contributing to how to cite a definition in APA in text for example information about the names of both the author and the editors is not available you can then start the reference from the title of the dictionary.

Next, with APA citation online dictionary standards you should capitalize the first letters of proper nouns in the names in the title as well as the first letter of the first word in any dictionary or encyclopedia title. This type of formation is described in the APA style of writing and is called the title case. For the place of publication, which only applies to printed versions of the dictionaries and encyclopedias shows the place where the text in the sources for APA in text citation dictionary was printed.

On the other hand, online versions of dictionaries and encyclopedias have a different identification mechanism that involves the use of an assigned unique number called a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). However, if you accessed the source content via a web link, you should include the URL instead, at this point the DOI becomes optional.

Finally, when learning how to cite dictionary com in APA from us you should always note the page numbers is not usually necessary but some institutions and lecturers may require you to include them in your writing. Therefore, unless the dictionary or encyclopedia does not have page numbers such as is evident in most online versions you should state the page number from which you sourced the information. Also, you should note that all citations and reference list entries are double-spaced. The reference list, however, has a hanging indent of 0.5 inches for every line after the first for each reference.

How Citing Online Dictionary APA with Our Citation Machine is Important

When citing online dictionary APA you play your part as a student and a responsible writer. That being said here are more reasons why you should always strive to correctly format your papers. They include;

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Online Guide on How to Cite the Dictionary APA

Our guide is based on the 6th edition of the American Psychological Association publication manual on standards on how to cite the dictionary APA. With our continued support our clients from all over the world have enjoyed our services without any complaints, quite, on the contrary, we are getting overwhelming positive customer feedback on the quality of service we deliver.

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