Want to write creatively but don`t know where to start? Relax. Our tips from academic writers will help you out to create the most compelling texts, without spending much time & effort. Well, okay, you got us. In the beginning, you`ll have to work hard.

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Love what you do

Our first tip is pretty basic but very essential regarding the whole procedure. If you are keen on writing, you`ll try hard to create great texts but if you don`t… Well.

Surely, to love the whole process of writing, you are to practice this skill. Write a short essay, a couple of pages, an iPhone note, whatever you feel like to be always on the track. Yes, diary works but just taking notes is beneficial, too.

P.S. When you`re writing, do not focus on grammar but concentrate on your feeling s and their expression in words.

Do creative things in your life

No one can make you original; it`s only you. So play games that awake your imagination, visit art exhibitions and concerts, rewrite a well-known story in a completely different way, get various kinds of experiences. If you don`t know or haven`t tried something, your story may lack something.

Leave your comfort zone, develop in all the fields. Passive existence leads to no creativity, but active action taking is a sure-fire way to experience life and bring it to your composition.

Tips To Improve Creative Writing

Read & look up to

To write creatively, you`ll need to have your own vision of what creative means. Reading helps as it gives you examples of HOW people can actually write, what things they use to make an effect in the text, how they introduce certain notions. Once you have read a decent amount of books (let`s say 30), you`ll have a better understanding of writing peculiarities and see how it all can be done. Plus, you`ll be able to criticize the works of others and learn from this experience.

Moreover, if you`ve found a text or an author that feel right to you, great! It`s always good to have a role model as it motivates and inspires you.

Create an ideas list

Tips To Improve Creative Writing

It may cross your mind in the middle of the night, in between a critical lecture, or at the bus stop. Exceptional and extraordinary ideas tend to come to your mind unexpectedly, so make sure you have them with you (write them somewhere to take a look at your thoughts when the time comes).

Work on your story

All of the steps mentioned above will help you understand what kind of story you want to tell. Think about your characters, determine the portrait of your protagonist (if any), and think of his / her needs, history, wishes, fears. This will help you determine the type of narration.

Choose a point of view you`re going to stick to. Admittedly, there has to be a conflict in the story, think of the ways to develop it in the most controversial, exciting, unexpected way. Set up the scene. When is it happening? What’s the location? Who’s taking part in the scenes? What characters will better show the story?

Only afterward, get down to creating a plot. Decide on whether you`ll use retrospectives or just introduce each turn of the storyline logically. Include a crisis, a climax, a set of events, and a resolution.

More tips

  • Include questions in your text.
  • Create sentences that are close to real-life expressions.
  • Play with punctuation to highlight the things you feel are vital/ biased.
  • Experiment with metaphors.
  • Make a cozy spot to write in. Try changing places of working.
  • Hear what people tell, feel, hide.
  • Note your dreams and nightmares.

Hope you`ve enjoyed our tips & tricks list!