What Happens If You Plagiarize in High School – The Consequences

High school is the stepping stone from which you learn new concepts that will be essential for subsequent levels of education such as college and university. High school is the level of education that you learn the basic concepts that will, later on, be taught in detail at the various institutions of higher learning. Among many other concepts, you will be introduced to plagiarism whereby your teacher will inform you that it is academic malpractice that is characterized by the presentation of information that is not your own original composition within your assignment.

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I know the question that has been at the back of your mind, “what happens if you plagiarize in high school?” just like at any other level of education plagiarism is a punishable offense, however at the high school level it is not as severe as in later levels of education. In high school, plagiarism is a significant problem, especially with the continued use of online resources to deliver writing assignments.

In high school, not may students know about plagiarism, let alone how to avoid it. As such, you can see why the internet is very welcoming, especially for students who are faced with more than one assignment. Therefore, the question, “what can schools and employers do to prevent internet plagiarism” has been raised more than once. The answer is always the same, implement institutional plagiarism detection systems to scan each students’ papers before they are assessed and graded.

Companies such as Plagscan and Turnitin offer their services to various institutions provided they have an active account with them. Concerning this information, it is high time you knew what is your school’s policy on cheating plagiarizing to be able to avoid any inconveniences after submitting your papers for assessment effectively.

What Are the Consequences of Plagiarism in High School and Why to Avoid Them

To better understand plagiarism, let us have a look at what are the consequences of plagiarism in high school. As previously stated, even high school plagiarism is punishable and similarly to other levels of education; it is not tolerated in high school as well. The consequences of plagiarism in high school can be categorized as either professional, ethical, or personal. Now, to answer your question, “what happens if you get caught plagiarizing in high school?” Here are some of the penalties of plagiarizing in high school:

  • Damaged student/ professional reputation

Once your teacher knows that you copied one assignment, he or she will more likely be inclined to scrutinize your assignments for any other mistakes other than plagiarism.

  • Canceled results

You are likely to lose out on all the points of the assignment if the percentage of plagiarized content is high enough to convince your teacher that you did not do the homework.

  • Wastage of valuable time

You waste a lot of time having to correct/ paraphrase the plagiarized content within your paper. On the contrary, that time could have been used for other equally important academic activities.

  • Loss of valuable points

When caught plagiarizing your assignment, your teacher may opt to shave off some points rather than cancel the whole paper.

  • Having to repeat the entire paper

In the end, if your plagiarism levels are higher than the acceptable levels, your teacher could be inclined to ask you to redo the whole assignment from scratch.

Therefore, before you submit an assignment, you should always consider what is the punishment for plagiarism in high school and work out a way to avoid such inconveniences.

Learn About What Happens When You Plagiarize in High School

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