Every once in a while students and scholars are to conduct academic papers, write essays. And the secret of an A-grade work is its credibility. Your work is considered to be credible when it has references to other works, statements of other people. However, it`s not that easy to understand how to do it properly. Let`s get deeper into the subject.

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Free cite machine explains the term «citation»

Definition comes the first. A research by free cite machine shows that citation is not fully understood by the majority of students. What is so hard about it? What is a citation after all?

In terms of writing, a citation means reference of one paper to another. Usually a citation is introduced in quotation marks and is included in the bibliography section as a reference.  I hope that at this point cited machine  was helpful, as we`re about to discover more truth about citation-related issues.

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First, let`s define the term citation.

Cited machine clarifies the difference between a citation and a quote

Secondly, it`s vital to draw a clear line between a citation and quote. If you`re quoting someone, you`re repeating the exact words of a particular person or source. In case with a citation, you can paraphrase, omit the saying of the initial source. The thing is that when you`re citing, you`re using someone`s idea to prove your words or to give an example. Furthermore, cite machine implies indicating the primary source of the idea in order to avoid being accused of plagiarism.

Citation creator indicates bias between a reference and a citation

Moreover, people tend to confuse references and citations thinking that they are the same. Do not fall into this trap! A reference is located at the last page of your academic paper, whilst a citation is located in the body (meaning content) of your text.

Citation parts discovered by a citation machine

Citation parts discovered by a citation machine

Basic components of any citation are:

  • Name of the author (s)
  • Page range/ number
  • Year of the publication of the work

Bear in mind that these parts can be accompanied by other elements, omitted, and changed in order to comply with regulations of a particular writing style. If you want to be on the safe side with formatting your citations properly, you may find it beneficial to use citation machine.