First, you should ask yourself, why are there different styles of writing and the difference between APA and MLA? Some of this differences are as a result of periodical developments. An editor, for instance, may prefer a certain style of formatting, citing and referencing articles, and therefore require its authors to adhere to that specific style. As a result, some styles become more prevalent than others in a particular field and eventually come to be the standard writing style for that particular field therefore showing certain variances form others such as the differences between MLA and APA.

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APA style of writing is the official style used by the American Psychological Association. It has been widely used to format academic documents. APA is commonly used in disciplines such as education social sciences and psychology starting off the list of differences between MLA and APA. The other writing style is MLA, this type of style focusses on formatting manuscripts in English papers. MLA provides its users with an avenue to cite and reference external sources within their work.

When looking into the difference between MLA and APA, you should understand that both APA and MLA are styles used to format and style your academic papers before submitting. However, they differ in the way the citations and reference lists are formatted. With the in-text citations, MLA requires the writer to include the last name of the author and page numbers, while when using APA you only need the last name of the author separated by a comma. Also, the titles for the source pages for APA and MLA are references and works cited respectively.

The authors’ names are represented in different formats in both MLA and APA styles of writing. In MLA the authors’ full names are included in the works cited which are different in APA where only the last name of the author and initials are included in the references. If you keep wondering, what is the difference between MLA and APA? A helpful tip would be to get a template of both MLA and APA citation and reference formats to refer to when writing your paper.

Express the Difference between APA and MLA in Your Style of Writing

Humanities students are often required to apply MLA writing style to their work and science students, mostly those involved in research activities are usually asked to follow APA style of writing. However, MLA is the more common of the two writing styles that are taught in high schools, but as you advance to the next level of your education, you are taught other writing styles such as APA and the difference between MLA and APA. The choice of which writing style to apply to your writing is determined by the path of education you choose.

Institutions of learning each conduct research and develop ideas in different ways. Research carried out to come up with academic content should be discernable for different disciplines offered in these institutions. Therefore, writing styles such as MLA and APA were developed to cater for the different approaches to research activities and highlight the difference between MLA and APA citation.

Therefore for any type of article, essay, research paper or any other written assignment you have to clearly show the difference between APA and MLA in your writing. You should choose the most appropriate writing style for the type of research you are carrying out. With our help, you can save time on formatting your papers. We offer reliable online help aimed to format your papers for you online.

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Other Noticeable APA Vs MLA Differences in Student Papers

In whichever level of education, the primary objective of having a standard writing style such as APA or MLA is to provide an avenue for other professionals, not necessarily in the same field as the writer, to understand the context and trace the sources used to compile your paper thus the difference between MLA and APA formats. In high school, a student paper is mostly written for a small audience, such as a teacher or the librarian.

Teachers at lower levels of education characteristically favor the MLA writing style, due to the availability of more information about citing and referencing audio-visual content, anthologies, advertisements, cartoons, and interviews that a student in high school would be more likely to use in their research; however they neglect to teach what’s the difference between MLA and APA.

Owing to the difference between MLA and APA, the APA style of writing, as described in the APA publication manual, is typically designed for students who are more likely to come across more advanced research sources when carrying out research. Some of the sources that would be more suited for the APA style of writing include, but not limited to, dissertations, technical reports, court proceeding, other research papers and many more external sources.

Since it is important to start practicing and learning the difference between APA and MLA citation earlier in one’s life, citing and referencing is introduced at the high school level where students are educated on the importance of citing sources in their papers. The process is the same for whichever style of writing you choose to employ in your writing no matter the differences between APA and MLA. Be it APA or MLA, the process to correctly cite, reference and format your paper is as described below;

  • Identify and note all the academic source material you use in your papers.
  • Carefully compile a comprehensive references list
  • For each source, identify where it is used in your paper. Whether it is paraphrased or used “as is”.

The source material comprises of some basic information such as the names of the authors, titles of their work, names and locations of their publishers, the dates the works are published, the volume numbers and the page numbers. After all the above steps are completed successfully, the choice of writing style comes into play and the difference between APA and MLA format start to become evident in the presentation of source information. Yet, there are still several other APA vs MLA differences evident in the general appearance of the paper.

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Acceptably so, regardless of MLA vs APA differences both styles of writing are two of the most commonly used styles of in college and k-12, with Turabian and Chicago following closely behind. Teachers or institutions will often dictate the format to apply to your papers, but if it not specified you should ask for clarification before you start. Nonetheless, with our online citation generator you can convert your paper’s format from APA to MLA, and vice versa by following a few simple steps.

As a student, we understand that you are sometimes confused and may ask yourself “What’s the difference between APA and MLA?” We have the solution to your paper formatting problems on our website online. We offer up to date templates for both APA and MLA styles of writing that you can use to format your papers online. For more focused online assistance from our website, you can use the citation generator we have provided to help you generate citations and references to cater for both APA and MLA styles of writing.

How Is APA Different From MLA According To Writers Online

Writers have always had their views on the use of both MLA and APA and often asked themselves, “How is APA different from MLA?” Due to the many similarities shared by the APA and MLA styles of writing, you as a writer are likely to become confused about what goes where and in the end could lead to undesirable results in the form of lacking formatting technique.

Now you do not have to worry yourself about all the nitty-gritty stuff or about what is the difference between MLA and APA paper formatting. You can focus more of your time to compile more high-quality content from your research. All you have to do is maintain a detailed list of all the sources you used; which will be significant in generating your citations and references on our website.