Nowadays the word plagiarizing is like swearing in the world of writers. And there is no great shock in the idea that if you use someone`s words, you are to give them credit and indicate a primary source. If you don`t do so, you`ll be guilty and this burden will be with you forever. Let`s look back at history and give some credit to those who came up with the whole idea of citing and referencing.

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Who made up what has now become an online plagiarism checker?

So who was the genius that plagiarized for the first time ever? Surely, the very first plagiarist can never be found, as there are too many lost manuscripts and unknown authors. We may speak of one person in the view of this. Martial, a roman poet living from 40 AD to nearly 103 AD. He discovered that his works were being copied (which was pretty common at the time) and found a way to fight with copycats using the only tool he had, – his verses. Martial created several poems aimed to stop the madness of copying but, of course, his statements were denied and not acknowledged by those who did it.

The origins of the term «plagiarizing»

Although Martial knew about the existence of what we know as plagiarism, he wasn`t the one to call it this way. The debate is still open but the majority of experts agree that the term «plagiarism» emerged between 15th and 17th centuries.

The origins of the term «plagiarizing»

Ben Jonson is thought to have used «plagiary» in 1601 to describe a copycat. Later, in 1755, the words first appeared in the dictionary.

How did they check plagiarism in the past?

In 1709 the first English copyright law was passed. It aimed to do plagiarism check manually. By the 19th century, the notion of plagiarizing became the same, as we understand it nowadays. The most necessary method to check for plagiarism was through the implementation of specific rules of writing, citing on the level of education. Therefore, kids we taught to give credit for the school years.

Ways to check for plagiarism these days

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These days the Internet is full of various ways to check plagiarism automatically. It has become easy to avoid it in your works, as you can just download a program or visit a website, where online plagiarism checker will make sure that your papers are OK.