Why do you cry wonderful woman or a handsome man? Oh, yes. I see. You have to cite. But why? What is the reason for even thinking about free cite machine? I mean, you certainly have more important tasks to do. But your professor will freak out if you don`t cite properly. 100% true. Let`s find out why it is this essential to cite your sources. In this article, we`ll learn what professional writers, proofreaders, and cited machine professionals have to tell about this issue.

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Generally, there are three significant reasons to use a citation machine or to include in-text citations and afterward put references on the last page of your papers. The first and the most obvious cause is to show your professor, teacher or any other assignee that you have done a research and, therefore, know what you`re talking about in your papers. That means that in order to create an academically correct essay, thesis, project, etc. you`ll need to surf the web, study various books to understand what is known about the topic you`re going to write about. And if you include a citation in your text, this means that you`ve done your homework, and it`s not only your prejudiced opinion but also other respected scholars have arrived at similar decisions.

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The second reason to utilize a cite machine and have your sources properly cited is to give credit to the people who contributed to the development of a certain idea. Let`s put it this way. If you don`t cite your sources and tell who said something that you`re describing in your work, you`ll be plagiarizing. The trick here is that even if you include some info about the primary source in the wrong way, you`ll still be a copy-maker. That is why you are to be informed about the requirements of a writing style to format your papers in.

The next reason is to become a reference for other scholars. Other people dealing with the same topics and papers you are engaged in may find it beneficial to refer to your reference page and use the sources you indicate in their research. In this way, you simply become a contributor to someone else`s work.

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This brings us to the understanding that the more accurately and adequately you use cite machine and include citations in the body and bibliography of your composition, the better. To cope with such situations, you`ll need a citation mechanism to rely on. We recommend cite4me.org for all students who strive to create excellent papers and get the best grades. We are ready to deliver free citations online any time you need.