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Significance of verse and hadith to our time

May 17th 2018
“Allah will raise in rank those of you who believe and those who have been given knowledge,” (58:11) “If anyone travels on a road in search of knowledge, God will cause him to travel on one of the roads of Paradise. The angels will lower their wings in their great pleasure with one who seeks knowledge. The inhabitants of the heavens and the Earth and (even) the fish in the deep waters will ask forgiveness for the learned man. The superiority of the learned over the devout is like that of the moon, on the night when it is full, over the rest of the stars. The learned are the heirs of the Prophets, and the Prophets leave (no monetary inheritance), they leave only knowledge, and he who takes it takes an abundant portion. – (Sunan of Abu-Dawood, Hadith 1631) It is vital to note that the teachings of the above verse in the holy Quran, along with the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) offer essential significance and relevance particularly in our current speedy advancing (technological, business, socio-cultural and economical). To be precise it is clear that for one to succeed in our current ways of life, then he or she must do all her best to acquire quality knowledge (Ünal 100).  That is, one should always work harder and harder to become well educated on anything that is considered to be, knowledge and this includes subjects such as technology, religion, human science and business. In simple terms, the above teachings from the holy Quran and Prophet Muhammad...

Mossad and Sayanim

May 17th 2018
The Mossad and Sayanim have played a major role in spying for the Jewish regime since its inception on 1948. One of the Mossad officer confessed that the organization does not need many officers because it works in tandem with the sayanim. Therefore, given the operation of mossad in poisoning Khaled Meshal a Palestine in Jordan and Dr. Wadi Haddad, who died in a German hospital, Gates outlined ‘The Way Forward’ on dealing with the sayanim. However, the measures are not feasible, but help in checking on the future spread of the organization in the U.S. Sayanim is a secret organization that works for mossad when there is a need or a work to be done in foreign countries including the U.S.  It would be a difficult and hard work for the FBI to identify and find volunteers to testify against the sayanim. Gates measures only serve to threaten the U.S citizen from participating with the sayanim in their operation even advocacy in the...

“The Aesthetic Imperative” Virginia Postrel

May 17th 2018
Virginia claims that currently, individuals place more significance on the aesthetics of an object than ever before. She asserts that although personal and cultural context determines the effects that an object has on us. “We want our vacuum cleaners and mobile phones to sparkle, our bathroom faucets and desk accessories to express our personalities” (Postrel 315).  Personal perceptions also determine their interpretation of facts and definition of concepts such as what is good or bad. To support her claim, Virginia provides data that includes the various aesthetics we expect and encounter in our daily lives.  She refers to desk accessories, mobile phones, vacuum cleaners, and mobile phones. Additionally, she offers expert opinions including extracts from David Brown. Virginia utilizes ethos to create warrants that link her claim and data. Her expertise displays competence on the subject and inordinately strives to convince an audience through provision of credible evidence. Through the description of a world where individuals demand both function and beauty, a world that is fairly common to us, Virginia creates substantive warrants that compel us to believe in her claim. Generally, aesthetics is a good thing. Through aesthetics, we differentiate ourselves from millions of others in the world or campus. For instance, I do not wish to have a laptop that is similar to other laptops in the campus. Although I am not the only apprentice with a red laptop, it signals that...