Marketing is all about creating new ideas that can go viral. How do companies seek to go viral regarding new marketing strategies? A recent blog article by Jeanine Poggi on ‘How NBCU and WWE Are Working Together to Woo Advertisers’ demonstrate the move by marketing companies in the current global market. The article establishes that 37 new advertisers are signing on to run businesses in the WWE shows in America (Poggi, 2015). How does such move contribute to business success?

As the exec VP-advertising sales, Dan Lovinger states, WWE is associated with being family friendly, something that was not in the past. The refinement of the intentions of major advertising agencies clearly indicates the dominating control that the modern consumers have (Poggi, 2015). Similarly, it is valid to argue that content delivered by companies reflects on the corporation’s success, whether it educates, entertains or answers consumers’ questions. Organizations are moving to what customers love. They are eager to share what buyers love and eager to know what they do not love. Hence, marketing is becoming consumer-centric, something that was not there before.

How does the media contribute to marketing? The media has a central role in marketing. As seen from the picture in the article, a young boy communicating with great wrestling personalities, WWE’s Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, the media is the new approach to marketing communication (Poggi, 2015). Companies go viral by an approach that goes beyond owned, earned, and paid media focus, relating to what matters most to customers. The primary goal of the media in marketing is to connect people to the content that informs and inspires, so as entertainment. Hence, perhaps it is now vibrant why it is easier to woo consumers from what they love most.