The Wadjda movie is the first film to be produced in Saudi Arabia, which is a Muslim country. The moviewas directed by the first female director called Haifaa Al-Mansour. The actresses featured in the movie are more than the actors because of the message the producer wanted to pass to the Saudi Arabia’s communities. The main Actress is Wadjda, whose real name is Waad Mohammed. The genres used in Wadjda movie are drama and comedy. It makes it interesting for the viewer to keep watching till the end.

The film is about Ali Wadjda, who wanted to buy a bicycle for riding. But, in Saudi Arabia, girls are not allowed to ride the bicycle because they riding a bicycle will make the not have children in the future. The ridingof bicycles was considered to be boys’ toy. Therefore, it would be tricky for Wadjda to own a bicycle. The Saudi girl decides to join Koran recitation competition in her school with hopes of winning money so that she can buy her bicycle.

The aim of the movie is to make people realize that women need freedom, and they need independence. The character Wadjda was determined to raise money so that she can buy a bicycle. The movie is educative and helps in sensitization of gender equity. My experience that reflects the theme of the movie is a power of determination. When I am usually determined to get good grades in college, and I work hard, I will get high marks.

The overall theme of the movie is educative, and it helps to shun away traditions that suppress the women. Therefore, the movie is recommendable since it is suitable for all ages.