Academic integrity means intellectual honesty and responsibility in scholarly pursuits. Academic integrity is important in a college setting as it ensures fair competition in academics, fosters and rewards hard work and ensures that learners acquire high standards of education. Academic integrity ensures that at the end of the study what the learners have achieved is truly their intellectual effort.

Some of the disciplinary offences at MTSU are threatening or disruptive conduct to the institution’s learning environment, hazing, disorderly conduct, obstruction of or interference with institutional activities or facilities, misuse of or damage to property, violation of state or federal laws, public intoxication, gambling and possession of guns and other dangerous weapons, including replicas of such.

Since coming to MTSU, I have experienced students gambling, damage to property, possession of a replica of a knife and littering. These are all disciplinary offences as per the MTSU Student Disciplinary Rules. In the case of damage to property, I reported the matter to the relevant authorities. In the cases of gambling and possession of a replica knife, I reminded the students that it was against the Student Disciplinary Rules. In the former case, they replied that they were not aware and would not do it again. In the case of littering I took it upon myself to clean after them, properly disposing of the litter in designated bins. In every case, I took action corresponding to the severity of the offence in my view. Had the replica knife been a real knife posing a real danger, I would have opted to alert the authorities. Since it was only a replica, however, I opted to talk to the student. In the case of littering, taking it upon myself was not only my first instinct but also the most responsible thing to do as an MTSU student.