Procter and gamble

Procter and gamble can make aggregate planning by boosting its demand through the use of buy one and get one free for its products additionally advertising through the social media as a major of the market are based on these social media platform. Aggregate planning can also be through the maintenance of qualified workforce and the layoff of the redundant staff to ensure the labor costs are maintained at the minimum. P&G as it is involved in the manufacture of products it should ensure that the stock costs are minimized through the adoption of the economic order quantity (EOG) levels model. The impact of the above-proposed plans would ensure that the company gains more customers as a god image of the company is upheld. Additionally the levels of customer satisfaction will certainly be high


AT&T, which is a service based company in the competitive market, can embrace aggregate planning through investing in advertisements in all forms of media to acquire a competitive advantage. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter would be appropriate for the company in providing a connection with customers. The company can ensure that it has a clearly defined organization structure made of qualified staff that will boost the customer service. Pricing is important in the telecommunication business. Therefore, the company needs to offer high-quality prices at possibly the least cost to ensure it gains a significant market niche and competitive edge. The customer satisfaction basically would increase as the plans proposed would ensure the quality of service is improved and additionally low pricing would attract more customers to the company. Therefore, the marketing strategies proposed would certainly boost demand for the company’s services.