I hereby express my interest to enroll for finance minor being offered by your institution. In the future, I would wish to specialize in the field of finance and this is one of the factors that have prompted me to pursue a minor in finance. Also, by pursuing the program, I will be in a position to learn about practical issues in areas of finance such as risk management, portfolio management and corporate acquisitions among others. Moreover, the program will be quite instrumental in enabling me learn about financial problems such as decision making and management and how best such issues can be addressed in an organization. One of my career aspirations is to become a finance manager and I believe that a major in finance will give me a head-start in my career (Fitch, 2007).

With a minor in the field of finance, I will be in a position to learn about the operations of the real estates, as well as stock markets. I will also gain skills on how to conduct financial management of small, as well as established organizations. Students with finance minor have the capacity to engage in value creation. As such, I will gain experience in managing businesses from diverse fields such as engineering, retail businesses, as well as economics among others. I possess the necessary qualifications to join the course. My GPA of 3.0 qualifies me for the finance minor. In my undergraduate studies, I finished all the credit courses, which are necessary for anyone who wants to enroll for finance minor.