The picture under discussion portrays a neat and elegant sculpture artwork created by Michael Brohman, who explained it as an ode to his family, his husband and their little daughter Olivia. The installation is not a solid piece and rather consists of multiple cast elements: three pairs of feet, six door knobs and many cast glass swallows that have a symbolic meaning. Two pairs of men’s feet cast in bronze are located on both sides of tiny child’s feet made of glass. The latter are backed by authentic glass door knobs. They are said to be real door knobs from the house, where the painter’s father lived as a child.

The cast glass swallows look very lightweight on the background of the solid white wall. At the same time, glass childish feet contrast with two pairs of massy bronze feet of the men. The male feet seem to protect and guard the fragile feet of the child. The glass door knobs, in their turn, form a kind of path to the wall. This path turns into the flight of birds, which seem to be almost weightless owing to the see-through glass texture. According to the author, these birds symbolize all wishes the parents have for Olivia’s future, and the authentic door knobs remind of home, warmth of family and opportunities.

I think the artwork is quite interesting and sophisticated. It doesn’t look too heavy or harsh, instead it is looks very light and elegant, and the story behind the sculpture makes perception of it brighter. Moreover, the multi-part structure of the artwork and the upward direction of flying swallows make the composition very dynamic and lively (though it is very subtle and fragile).