Question 1

The boundary that runs down the middle of Atlantic Ocean is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The crust in the middle of the Atalantic Ocean is full of seafloor which spreads around hence leading to rising of large mountain ranges.

Question 2

2 triple junction where 3 spreading ridges comes are the Rodrigues Triple Point and the Galapagos Triple Junction. A triple junction where a spreading center, transform fault and subduction zone meet is the San Andreas fault zone in California.

Question 3

The kind of plate boundary that runs through the Mediterranean Sea is the converging plate boundaries. The Mediterranean sea is getting smaller due to the processes happening in the region.

Question 4

The South American plate is winning the subduction contest between the south American plate and the Nazca plate due to the downgoing Nazca activities.

Question 5

The Arabian plate in relation to the African plate is moving away from the African plate. The Arabian plate is moving away from African plate in a northwest direction in the Red Sea at a rate varying along the strike of the rift between 14 mm/yr and 5.6 mm/yr

Question 6

Aleutian islands follows the Aleutian trench therefore moving along the convergent plate boundary

Question 7

How are the plates moving relative to each other north of New Zealand? The Pacific Plate being pushed under by the Australian Plate.

In the south, the Australian Plate dives down (subducts) below the Pacific Plate

The kind of boundary that runs right through New Zealand is the Wellington Fault

Question 8

What part of the United States has a plate boundary running through? North America

Question 9

What is the closest plate boundary to Miami? The northern boundary