I am in agreement with the move by the Transcultural Nursing Society to implement the world health organization constitution concerning the right of all beings to enjoy the right to the highest possible standard of health. TNS was able to achieve that by a collaboration of key players to be able to foster this. First, it advocates for nurses who are competent culturally.  They also make available providers of health care who have personalities of similar and diverse backgrounds.

TNS has a general guiding principle concerning the ethnicity, gender, values of various culture, age, beliefs of a philosophical nature, their origin nationally, their religion, their orientation sexually and other varied diversities (Google Books). These human rights spans, access to care without endangering self, receipt of care in a safe environment, and general freedom from treatment in centers of care. Patients have the option to argue out their issues to attain consistent care and can further reject or accept care depending on the circumstances as perceived by them. The rights also dictate that patients should have accessibility to care that is quality and that which is provided by professionals.  On their part, it states that providers of health care should be linguistically and culturally dependable. That should be tied to respect for care with the adoration of privacy, confidentiality, and dignity of the persons affected. Patients should be conscious when making decisions pertaining their health as well as the involvement of family members. It greatly appreciates and recognizes the involvement of other members of the society in ensuring that the desired health care is provided to the recipients.

According, to the document, there have to be guidelines, acceptable standards, and principles to determine the right care for the right patients in the society especially one with a diverse cultural setting. Health providers have to be sure of their services and to be ethically upright to co-exist with the other members of the society.