Looking at Akeen’s case, a professional teacher should exhibit unique characteristics like what Susan did. In the event of misconduct in classroom, a teacher should take control of the class through a wide range of activities (Nelsen, Lott & Glenn, 2000). This involves understanding the background of the problem and taking time to find the best solutions possible. In the first place, Susan was presented with the problem of being disruptive and generally restless in class. As such, the teacher took her time to learn what could be the cause of the problem. She discovered that Akeen became disruptive and restless following things that could not interest him. The disruptive nature was a way of escaping to carry out such activities.

As a professional teacher, Susan found this unique and was convinced that disciplinary actions could not be the best solution. She opted to capitalize on the problem and find more innovative ways of helping her student (Nelsen, Lott & Glenn, 2000). As such, a professional teacher should be innovative to reach solutions to any conflicts through a wide range of perspectives. Susan decided to introduce activities that could interest Akeen so that she could ensure that the disruptive characteristics are converted into something productive.

The teacher therefore allowed Akeen to make choices in things that interested him. As a result, he became constructive through concentration on activities like drawing and building structures using blocks. This technique of controlling Akeen’s behavior worked out well since overa period of time, he built aviation vehicles. It can therefore be concluded that a professional teacher should strive to understand their students’ needs to make the learning environment conform to the students’ requirements (Charles & Senter, 2005). In addition, a professional teacher should be innovative to find ways of solving conflicts in class. Class management techniques are imperative for professionalism in teachers. This is what Susan applied to manage Akeen’s disruptive behavior.