Bullying, harassment, and taunting are unethical behaviors at the workplace that one of Wall Mart managers was subjected to. The discrimination was subjected to him due to his old age and disability. Being an aged man, he deserved some proper treatment and respect. Instead of granting him his request, some of the people that he was serving with subjected him to all forms of harassment that made his workplace a living hell. The treatment he was subjected to worsened the already dangerous situation that could affect his health. The manager was open enough to communicate about his ailing condition so that he is granted some of the favors as stipulated in the American constitution, wall mart was charged for being insensitive to the manager after serving them faithfully and instead bullying him.

The manager realized that his condition will not allow him work at his current position and requested to be reallocated. He stated his claim for change very clearly with the hope that the management will act with urgency. However, what was followed with was worse than the condition he was forcing. It appeared to the management that being incapable of sitting at his allocated position was a sign that he was unfit to work in the organization (Johnson 119). The treatment he was subjected to was a clear sign that he was not needed in the company. However, he persevered with the hope that things will change for the better. Instead of granting his request, he was followed by a letter that suggested he was incapable of working. Having mentioned his condition, the management should have given him maximum support to ensure that the work environment was comfortable to him. However, there was no form of support, either from his colleagues or the management of wall mart.