Any company should ensure it lays strategies for an all-inclusive environment. The human resource, as it is known today, is very dynamic and requires a lot of strategic planning. Likewise, there are a lot that should be done to create a more inclusive environment without losing the already existing culture. In my view, issues of performance appraisals and culture of how they are conducted are company culture aspects that can create exclusive environments. Thus, for any company to make positive strides to a growth, these are critical issues that should be addressed for they discourage coexistence within the company. Thus, employees should be involved to ensure they feel as part of the process.

Individuals involved in encouraging such practices should be taken through a thorough a more formal mentorship programs to enhance their understanding of the roles performance appraisal within the organizational framework. Through this approach, as an employee of the company, am in a position to achieve dual objectives that is: Upholding the law and at the same time help develop a meaningful working environment while respecting colleagues at work.

However, one of the resistances likely to arise in such a situation is the argument that our company operates differently, and the cultures have been workable for sometimes now to star the company to the path of profitability. Using managerial skills, I may offer a counter argument on the long-term reputation of the company that the issues pause. I am of opinion that the company may be assuming that the current exclusive environments will continue to be in their favor only to realize it hurts their reputation and affects their profitability, in the long run.