MITRE is an information management firm that is contracted by corporate as well as state organizations for IT solutions. The firm is reputed for the type of services it offers. It takes pride in assuring data integrity and efficiency in both access and retrieval while at the same time ensuring security of the information stored in its databases. The phrase: MITRE Taps the Brain Trust of Top U. S. Experts, is an analogy that is strategically used to refer to the fact that the services of the firm have been sought after by US’s most fundamental institutions such as the military, Federal Aviation, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Additionally, the firm has some the best resources in its employees and researchers. Built on progressive research and development, the firm gives great importance to the limitless possibilities of technology. It keeps researching for better, more efficient and more cost effective ways of managing information (Stair 340). Being the first organization to develop people locator and the most effective knowledge management tools, the firm knows the rationale of having the best brains in the most motivated mental state. Its employees, besides taking care of their duties and responsibilities, show great interest in studies, research and practical experimentation of new knowledge and ideas in an aim of developing better and more relevant tools of trade.

Having developed a people finder, they fine tuned the software to become an expert finder. This is a technology that helps locate the most informed minds on a particular area of specialization. MITRE has used this technology in ensuring that its employee team is made up of very relevant and efficient brains that coalesce for the general good of the firm and its clients (Stair and George 350).