Cathey has developed a website that facilitates both the wedding couples and the retailers in building relationship with each other. At this time, such local service is not available in her area and she believes that she can benefit by this venture. She aims to earn profits by selling ad space on the website to retailers and also by charging a minimum fee to wedding couples to register at the site. Wedding retailers would benefit through increased exposure and wedding couples benefit by getting all wedding planning details at the same place.

The Way Forward

At this time, Cathey needs to look at her competitors in other areas to understand what they are doing to generate business. Since Cathey is targeting to the internet using people mainly, she has to use the internet as the main promotional medium. She should develop a Facebook page linking it directly to her website. She could ask existing subscribers and friends to become members and like the group so that it gains popularity.  In this way, promotion would be done through the most effective method and that is word of mouth (Jones, 2008). Another method of increasing subscribers is through direct mail, and as Cathey has experience in that particular field it would be quite helpful. Cathey would have to increase her subscriber base in order to gain sponsors and advertisers to generate money for the site.  She could also increase advertisers by charging them a certain percentage of the sales that they make through her website.

If Cathey is able to generate advertisers for her business, her financial goal of $30,000 per year is quite realistic. At this time she has four advertisers and she only needs six more to achieve the goal. If her website was going as planned, she may have been achieving higher than this.